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"God Highlighted These 18 Locations in America!" 

By Veronika West




Hi friends,


Recently, I was caught up in a powerful encounter with the Spirit of the Lord during a time of worship and prayer. Suddenly He showed me 18 specific locations within the United States of America. Why these particular places? I do not have revelation on that, but what I received, I submit by faith and trust that in time the Lord will fully reveal His reasons and more of His plans.


In the meantime, I will be praying strategically and intentionally for these 18 highlighted locations; and certainly the rest of the nation of America will also be in my intercessory cross hairs in the days ahead!


New York


  1. New York First, I saw New York suddenly being brought to its knees in humility and surrender before God.


Then I heard, "The stiff-necked shall be broken, and the land shall be purged, purified and made a resting place for My redemption and reforming power!”


2. Pennsylvania


Then I saw Pennsylvania laying prostrate on its face, petitioning Heaven for the rule of justice and righteousness as the sound of liberty bells could be heard ringing across the nation.


I heard, "Pennsylvania! Pennsylvania! The sound of your petitions and praises have penetrated the very heart of the Father! Watch, for divine reversals draw nigh!”


3. Philadelphia


I saw Philadelphia and heard these words: "Freedom shall ring out of Philadelphia, a land that shall become a beacon of hope and light for a nation in deep darkness and despair.


"Philadelphia, you shall lead the way in troubled and challenging times ahead. You shall make a stand for righteousness and justice. You shall not relent in the pursuit for truth.


"Watch! For your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt. You shall raise up the foundations of many generations. You shall be called the 'Repairer of the Breach,' the 'Restorer of Streets to live in.’"


4. Michigan


I saw the eyes of Michigan looking to the great Mountain of the Lord, seeking help and rescue in the midnight hour. I saw the scales of justice tipping over the land of Michigan.


I heard, "Michigan, let not your heart be troubled, for a double door stands open before you. And the sound of a voice shall be heard crying aloud, 'Behold, for the glory of the Lord draws near!’"


5. Arizona


I saw Arizona with its arms lifted high into the air in the power of praise and thanksgiving, putting a demand on Heaven to move in great might and power in the days ahead.


Arizona, you will see the strong and governmental hand of God move on your behalf. A large and effective door is opening up before you, Arizona. 


I then heard these words: "Step in! Step in and see My wondrous working power to save and rescue!”


6. California


Then suddenly, I heard a loud cry of weeping coming from the state of California as deep repentance and surrender began to take place. I saw a great shaking over the land. Harvest angels with sickles in their hands were moving strategically across California. I saw the waters of the sea being violently stirred up.


Get ready, California, for a wave of His glory and grace is coming to wash you clean and purify the land. The soil is fertile and a time of great fruitfulness is upon you.

7. Florida


I saw that the harvest fields of Florida were white. I knew that a multitude of warring angels were now being assigned to this land. A great uprooting and tearing down of demonic strongholds is taking place.


Watch! Florida will fall upon its knees under the weight of His glory. It is a place sealed and set apart for a mighty demonstration of signs, wonders and miracles. Florida will be seen rising up from her sickbed, clothed in the glory of the Lord and going forth to awaken and raise up other states that are sleeping and dead.

In the spirit, I saw the state of Florida as a fuse and the fire of His glory suddenly igniting that fuse. Watch! For there is an explosion of His glory and power coming out of Florida that will touch all four corners of the nation.


8. Alaska


I saw Alaska and heard these words: "What good can come out of Alaska, this land covered with ice? But I say: Look! For an army of great reformers and radical Kingdom revivalists, filled and fueled with the fires of My glory and power, will arise from this frozen and often forgotten land.


"Listen! For out of Alaska will come the sound of the roar of the Lion of Judah. It shall shake Canada and cause a ripple effect across the nations; a sound that shall awaken the sleeping giants to their feet!”


9. Georgia


Then I saw Georgia dressed in royal garments of glory and wonder; a new wineskin state filled with the new wine of the Spirit which will flow forth like a mighty river upon the nation.


Georgia shall wear the mantle of the manifold wisdom and Spirit of God. It shall become a state that shall demonstrate the might, power, wisdom and fear of the Lord to all the four corners of the nation.


10. Washington DC


Then I saw the district of Washington DC like a sleeping giant being awakened and rising in the governmental authority of Heaven. With the key of David laid upon its shoulder, it shall take its rightful place within the nations.


A territory fiercely contended for shall become a place of divine 'overturning' and 'overthrowing' of demonic thrones and satanic strongholds. Sudden and swift changes to laws and legislation will take place, cause a greater shaking across the nations that will bring forth revival and a great harvest of souls.


11. Hawaii


I saw Hawaii as a lighthouse; a beacon of hope and divine deliverance in the midst of the dark storms that will rage across the nations in the coming days.


Hawaii will see an explosion of God's glory that will capture the attention of the world. A tidal wave of God's redemptive power will hit Hawaii, causing the islands of the earth to be shaken and shifted into perfect alignment with the end-time purposes of God.


12. Nevada


I saw Nevada becoming a spiritual oasis in the desert, where many will come to drink from the waters of revival and restitution. It will be a place of divine encounters and supernatural visitations.


Nevada will become a hotspot for revival. It will no longer be a land in the valley of decision, but a land that shall become a holy habitation for the glory of Heaven, bringing supernatural change and transformation to the land.


13. Wisconsin


I saw Wisconsin walking under the weight of His glory, yoked like two strong oxen with the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of the fear of the Lord.


A land of promise, flowing with milk and honey, Wisconsin shall be saved and delivered. It is a place where the whirlwind of God shall bring a gathering of the harvest and a scattering of the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing. 


14. Texas


I saw Texas filled with deep wells of the oil of revival and restoration for the healing of the nations. It is a land that has been sealed and set apart by God. It is a state that has been divinely handpicked as a forerunner state for Kingdom reformation, transformation and change. Texas shall become a trumpet for truth, righteous rule and freedom.


15. Nashville


I then saw Nashville. A new sound will be heard coming out of this state which will herald a new healing and restorative movement. It is a place that will become a hub for supernatural signs, wonders and miracles, astounding and awaking the world to the manifest power and authority of the living God.


Nashville shall become an altar of awakening and revival.


16. Ohio


I saw Ohio as a small, smooth rock in a sling, held in the hand of a mighty giant slayer. Ohio will become a rock of offense to the wicked plans and purposes of the enemy. It will be as a sharp, two-edged sword, severing demonic cords of entanglement and entrapment over the nation.


Listen for the sound of a sudden 'thud' in the realm of the spirit, for the heads of giants will roll. The very sword of the enemy shall be taken up by the hand of the righteous and used to cut off the head of the serpent spirit.


17. Nebraska


I saw Nebraska standing tall as a lightning rod. Nebraska will become as a catalyst for a new move of the Spirit of truth and justice. The light of His glory shall break forth from this state, causing the darkness within the nations to be fully exposed and uncovered. For out of Nebraska will come a sound that shall herald the coming of a billion-soul harvest in the nations of the earth!


18. Kansas


Finally, I saw Kansas under an open Heaven; a place of supernatural encounter, divine translation and angelic visitation. I saw a stairway appear over this land that connected Heaven and earth; angels were ascending and descending. This will be a birthing place of dreamers and visionaries.


Kansas will be a place where Heaven kisses earth; a place where supernatural suddenlies and divine shiftings take place, ushering in a new move of the Spirit of the Lord in the nations.




Veronika West

Ignite Ireland Ministry

 Veronika West  


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Albany, OR 97321 


email: info@elijahlist.net

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17.11 | 19:56

Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

30.09 | 06:43

i really love this page it has helped me love god <3

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So beautiful.

29.08 | 16:23

As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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