If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

This is for Someone . . .


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This Is for Someone Who Is Afraid To Hear His Voice

By Kathy Mote



This is for someone who is afraid to hear His voice. You are afraid of what He might say to you, afraid you won't be able to endure. You are already so hurt. You can't bear any more.


I would say to you, do not be afraid. But it would do no good. He is with you and you feel His presence deep in your heart. It is His love that you feel, and that will melt your heart. That is how He will heal all the hurt in your heart. He will go back to the beginning, and redeem it all.


You will no longer know yourself by the disappointment you have endured. You will know who you are by His love and His gentle touch. He will gather you to Him, and you will know the peace of dignity and strength. You will have beauty this life cannot touch. 


That is how He will speak to you as He heals your heart, and He will admire all He has done as He holds you in His arms.




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He Isn’t Finished

By Kathy Mote



He isn't finished. He isn't done. The veil between Him and us is torn, but not torn down. Nothing is complete. Nothing is completely filled. All will be made whole. He will not stop until He is finished. His heart will be satisfied when He fills all.



He isn't finished. He isn't done.





By Kathy Mote



Beloved, you are only frustrated because of your Father's unfinished business in you.






The Reason The Entire Human Race Has Been Missing God

By Kathy Mote



The reason the entire human race has been missing God is that they have been operating in the mistaken and very carnal thinking that the Bible is the Word of God. But the Bible clearly states that Jesus is. They don't know this because they don't hear Him.


The carnal thinking that the Bible is the word leads them to walk in their flesh, quoting it to bring God's will to pass. Again, that is not what the Bible says.


What the Bible says is that Jesus will come into our heart and speak to us. That infilling and communion is God's will for us. What He says to us is what we are to speak of and about. That is His presence in us.


Do you know why so many, even those who profess His name, will miss His second coming? They will be quoting the promise of Him as they walk in their flesh instead of being filled by Him as God said. In doing this, they deny Him His place in their heart.


I have been saying this for seven long years, and I get a big yawn from people who think they are good because they said a prayer. 


God's will is for us to be filled, and this will mean His ongoing communion with us. This is not something we quote out of the Bible. This is Him filling and raising us as He speaks to our heart.





Little Prophet

By Kathy Mote



Little Prophet, your only comfort is to know you obeyed Him. That's all you need to know. The world listens to the self proclaimed because the world only listens to itself.




How God’s Creation

By Kathy Mote



How God's creation obeys Him is to be filled with Him.



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Jesus Is The Expression Of God’s Will

By Kathy Mote



Jesus is the expression of God's will. He was there in the beginning. The Heavens and the Earth were made by Him. God didn't read the scriptures to create all things. Jesus is the one who brings God's promise of Life into us because it is HIM. We can't do it by quoting scripture over ourselves. God's Word isn't a religion, it is Christ Jesus in us.


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He Is Creating His Bride

By Kathy Mote



He is creating His Bride by revealing who she is to Him. That is us, all of us who are called to Him. There is a remnant in each generation who belong to Him, and out of each generation, He has gathered them to Him. The Lord showed me something about this that I would like to share.


We read the scripture that says if any man will, he can come to Him, but there is also a scripture that says you cannot come unless you are called. You cannot answer Him until you hear Him, and until He calls you, you have no thought of wanting Him. He is calling His children to Him.




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The Lord Showed Me Something

By Kathy Mote



The Lord showed me something that I would like to share. He showed me the deep, and what happened as He spoke Let there be light to it. As He spoke to the void which looked like rolling grey smoke, His Spirit went into it, and it began to take shape as it received light.


It was His Spirit entering the void that enabled it to obey. It was His powerful presence that brought the change to it. It's the same way with us. 


We do not need to desire anything but Him, and as we receive Him in our heart, He will bring Life into us as He allows us to know our Father's heart. It is by His presence in us that we are changed. To desire power is a lot different than desiring Him. 


Desiring power is what many are doing today as they try to act out in their flesh what they think the scriptures mean. What they do is a vulgar act. It is done in His name, but He is not the Author of that. The Life God promised us is hidden in Christ, and as we trust Him, He changes us. The point being we are for Him.


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If You Are Trying To Walk With God

By Kathy Mote



If you are trying to walk with God by what you understand in your mind, you have chosen Eve's path, for she desired to live by her understanding rather than trust Him in her heart. What she was choosing wasn't Him, it was herself. That's how to fall away from Him. That's how to reject His Lordship and His presence in your heart.



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My Mind Would Like To Have An Uneventful Day

By Kathy Mote



My mind would like to have an uneventful day, but my heart wants to run with Him. I just want Him in my heart, but God's place in my heart is established as He interacts with me, and I respond to Him. So He continually humbles me to keep me with Him. 


Do not despise being humbled. Our carnal mind doesn't understand and our flesh cannot accomplish what is spiritual and good. Only by Him being in our heart can He do this in us. That is why the Lord humbles our heart... to deliver us from being carnal, which is what we are without Him. 


We were born with a reactive mind. We always look for something to react to, and interact with, but it is from our heart that we respond. He is teaching us to wait on Him and listen to Him, and He is bringing us into His presence by making us aware of Him. 


It is His devotion to us that we feel, so our response is to be devoted to Him. This is His interaction with us, and even though we just want Him, what He is doing is making us as He is as He fills our heart with Him.


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What Is The Point Of All

By Kathy Mote



What is the point of all He is doing in you and what is the point of Him speaking to you and you learning to listen? To Him, this is more than mere conversation.


He is creating His image in you and you are receiving Him. The desire of His heart is what He is filling you with. His love for you is your place in Him. You were made to abide in His presence. He gave you a piece of His heart because you are a part of Him. That is how deep His love for you is. To create you by His perfect love is His purpose.

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17.11 | 19:56

Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

30.09 | 06:43

i really love this page it has helped me love god <3

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So beautiful.

29.08 | 16:23

As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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