If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Those who are embittered . . .


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Those Who Are Embittered By The Hurt & Disappointment

By Kathy Mote



Those who are embittered by the hurt and disappointment of this life carry a heavy burden. Their bitter heart is their heavy burden. 


They do not yet see the Lord's purpose in emptying them of pride, they only know the hurt of being emptied and disappointed. They are not humble, for to accept the Lord's purpose is to be humble. They see only their own pride cast down before them.


Being humbled and being humble are far from the same thing, and He will gather those He has humbled, each one of them, and heal them. He will reveal His heart for them and His purpose in them. He will relieve them of their burdens. He will be a Father to them, and their mothers will cry for them no longer.


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Walking In Light

By Kathy Mote


Walking in Light among those who are in darkness takes the deep and enduring courage of a heart made confident by His presence. 


But there are two things you need to remember about this. 


First, your Father will humble your heart to fill it, and He will offer you many opportunities to choose Him as He does this. 


Second, those in darkness find Light annoying and irksome. They are shaken and uncomfortable seeing evidence of sweetness they do not possess, and that challenges their own heart's choices. 


But to walk in the Light is to be filled with courage. His presence is the Light that is resented and scorned by those who reject Him, and you are a reminder of Him. 


The Lord loved you to reveal who you are to Him, and He did this as He embraced you. He is the Light that shines in darkness, and because of Him, no darkness will overtake you.




One Delightful Benefit

By Kathy Mote



One delightful benefit of looking only at the Lord is He is all you are filled with.



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By Kathy Mote



Beloved, the Lord has given you a measure of trust. You are sure of His love for you, even in the moments you do not hear His voice.





This Is What The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



This is what the Lord said. You will stand alone among them, a pillar of great Light.




Those Who Have Courage

By Kathy Mote



Those who have courage do not need encouragement.


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We Are Deeply Changed

By Kathy Mote



We are deeply changed as the Lord interacts with us. What we talk about shows what the Lord has done in our heart because that is now who we are. When someone rejects the Lord's presence in you, they are rejecting what they know nothing of. What they do not understand is what the Lord has not done in their heart yet. 


You will be surprised to see Him use their own hurtful response to pierce their own heart. You will also be surprised to know how powerful your walk with the Lord truly is. Even in your weakest moment, you have more than someone who doesn't know how to trust Him has. 


This is the season that many who resented being orphans will be called to Him.





This Is Not The Day

By Kathy Mote



This is not the day for a carnal gospel.


So This Is What It Means

By Kathy Mote



So this is what it means to be born again. To be born of His Spirit is to know by His Spirit that you are His child.




The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, I will fill you with every delight as you give Me your heart.




So What Is He Creating

By Kathy Mote



So what is He creating, human beings or Spirit beings, as He fills us with every desire of His heart? He is Spirit. We are already human beings, and our carnal thinking is what we surrender to hear His voice and receive His heart.


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Our Obedience To Him

By Kathy Mote



Our obedience to Him is to yield our heart as He makes us all He wants us to be. We will not finish in our flesh what He began in us by His Spirit. I tell you again, He is creating us, and He is not done. We will be filled with the fulness of God. The devil isn't our problem, our ignorance of God is. What is He doing in our heart.





The Bible Doesn’t Say

By Kathy Mote



The Bible doesn't say you have been given power, it says you have been given Life. Until HE is the sole desire of your heart, you will not know what this means or what it is for.



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Oh, Carnally Minded One

By Kathy Mote



Oh, carnally minded one, it is time to humble your heart. Do you realize your perspective is of life on this earth as you think to govern the world around you in His name. But if God wanted to rule the earth in power, He would be doing it. He is creating you first.





God’s Idea

By Kathy Mote



God's idea of you declaring His power is you being changed by Him.




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God Gave You His Spirit

By Kathy Mote



God gave you His Spirit and He entered you like a soft wind. His still, small voice is peaceable and quiet. You only hear Him when you quiet your heart to listen, and you follow Him as He humbles your heart. 


We read the scripture that says we shall receive power when we receive the Holy Spirit, but that word meant made alive and awakened to Him, made able to hear. His Spirit helps us turn our heart to what the Lord is saying to us and as we turn our heart to hear Him, we receive all He says to us. That is how we walk with Him. 


But people have imagined this means being powerful, and if you are honest with yourself, you will admit it is the imagination of the flesh to rule, to control, to be in charge, to war and demand and declare powerfully 'in His name', but it makes no difference. It's flesh, not Him. 


The Holy Spirit may be like a breath, and a fresh wind that enables you to listen, but Jesus does not speak with a still, small voice. When He speaks you are brought into His presence because He comes into yours, and when He does, He changes you, for HIS idea of you walking in power is you being made alive to Him.


He is powerful to protect and provide and to heal your heart, and being with Him, you never cease to listen. In His presence, the world around you is the last thing you have to worry about. In His presence, you do not act out a scripture, guns blazing. In His presence, He makes known His heart.



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People Are So Confident

By Kathy Mote



People are so confident in their knowledge of scripture, but do they know that what they think is only what they can imagine? Coming out guns blazing is not what it is like in His presence. You are changed as you are in His presence. Walking with God who created you is not about what you say and do, it's about what He says and does in you. Only those in His presence know that.


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11.01 | 20:32

this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

12.12 | 00:13

Shavua Tov

17.11 | 19:56

Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

30.09 | 06:43

i really love this page it has helped me love god <3

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