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"This Is Your Key to Breakthrough in 2022" 

By Tom Hamon




A Jahaziel Generation



I believe this is a season where God is calling the Ekklesia to follow Him in a spirit of breakthrough in order to advance the Kingdom of God in this hour. An unholy, antichrist agenda has been loosed in the earth at this time in an unprecedented way. However, I believe that if we are facing unprecedented times of battle, then we can believe for unprecedented breakthrough!



I am reminded of Jehoshaphat's battle in 2 Chronicles 20. He woke up surrounded by his enemies and immediately feared. But after fighting off this spirit of panic, he began to set himself and the people into position to seek the Lord through prayer and fasting. In other words, he knew how to employ his spiritual weapons. He made an eloquent appeal to Heaven and created an atmosphere of faith for God to move – and God did move! He moved on the heart of a young man name Jahaziel to prophesy the strategy for victory!



I believe Jahaziel is the picture of the emerging prophetic movement in a younger generation arising in the earth today. Jahaziel prophesied about the Lord fighting for His people; I believe that is what we are going to see in this season. The king, Jehoshaphat, made a bold decree in the midst of this crisis in chapter 20, verse 20: "...Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.”



This word "prosper," in the Greek, means more than physical prosperity; it means that you will advance, you will breakout and you will breakthrough! That is what the Lord is decreeing over the Church in this hour!



Then in 2 Chronicles 20:22, we see that the Lord began to set ambushes against the enemies' forces to destroy them, as the Lord's people began to praise and worship. As they began to employ spiritual weapons against natural weapons, that is when they saw the turning of the tide. God fought for them to the point where it took them three days to gather all the spoils of victory. Can we believe for this kind of breakthrough and Kingdom advancement in 2022?



The Real Virus


We have been living through a virus, a pandemic, that I believe is more than just a physical sickness; it is a demonic attack from the pit of Hell that carries a strong antichrist agenda with it. The Lord spoke to me (when the pandemic was first breaking out) that the real virus was not a physical virus but a spiritual virus that wants to get into our system, like a computer virus that wants to produce malware, ransom ware, Trojans, corrupted files and more. It wants to clog and confuse our systems and ultimately shut us down.


The Lord said that the real 'virus' was composed of three main things: fear, fatigue and fatalism. These three attacks want to invade our systems physically, spiritually and socially, causing us to shut down or become susceptible to the enemy's 'antichrist agenda' plans.


Fear is sent to control us and is more contagious than a natural virus. Fatigue is sent to wear us down and take us out. And fatalism is sent to make us believe that things are hopeless and fated to happen. But the 'Christ' anointing is greater than any antichrist agenda, and His anointing is the best anti-virus that the world has ever seen.


Instead of fear, we will operate in great faith and see a breakthrough in healing, signs and miracles! Instead of fatigue, we will see an outbreak of joy, praise and worship that will bring great breakthrough to the Church! Instead of fatalism and hopelessness, we will see a massive move of the apostolic/prophetic Ekklesia surging forward to bring great spiritual advancements for the Kingdom of God.


Persistence Is Key


The Lord spoke to me and said that this would be a time where we would have to be willing to press though the resistance in order to fulfill our mission in 2022! I was reminded of the passage in Luke 11 where the disciples ask the Lord how to pray. Jesus then sets forth what we call "The Lord's Prayer." It starts off by declaring that God's will will be done, in Earth as it is in Heaven. This is a powerful declaration of God's heavenly Kingdom authority being superimposed upon the earth realm. 


After this powerful prayer is given, Jesus immediately goes into a scenario, asking the disciples to suppose that they, in the late hours, go to friend's house for provisions to help care for someone who has arrived at their house. They knock on their friend's door for help but the response is not what they hope. The friend inside tells them to go away because it's late and they are in bed. However, they (the disciples, in this scenario) continue to knock and knock and knock until Jesus says that the friend finally arises and gets them what they want, not just because they are a friend, but because of their persistence.


Here is the key point of this story: God doesn't always answer just because we casually ask, banking on His friendship. Sometimes He is looking for a 'fervent' prayer and a 'persistent' approach. He wants to know how badly we really want this. Are we serious, focused and intent?


If you are going to receive your breakthrough in 2022, you may have to persist past strong resistance. This resistance may sometimes come from unlikely sources as it did in this scenario.


Elijah seemed to be somewhat resistant to Elisha receiving the double portion. Remember, at the very first, when Elijah called Elisha to follow and then cast his mantle upon him? Elisha asked for time to go and kiss his parents goodbye, and Elijah responded, "What have I done to you?" (see 1 Kings 19:20). And before the double portion was offered, Elijah seemingly encouraged Elisha to stay back and not follow, but he persisted. Elijah eventually told Elisha that if he saw him when he was taken, it would be his (see 2 Kings 2). If Elisha would've been easily discouraged then he would've missed the mantle. He had to persist and resist the resistance!


2022 speaks of a double portion.


Your Pain Has a Purpose


God is saying that our pain and our process have a purpose. In the midst of whatever painful process we have walked through in this last year or so, it was purposed to produce a greater passion and persistent determination within our lives. It is fashioning us to look and act like Jesus more than ever before. It is producing a Christlike character and supernatural, Christlike power to flow out of our lives! Some of the areas where you felt you failed, or things didn't work out the way that you'd hoped, are the very areas where God is going to grow great, mega grace in our life! Great, mega grace and great, mega power is God's plan for you!


This is the Hebrew year Peh (mouth) Bet (house) in which God builds His house for the future.


Joseph of old, who had a great dream, calling and coat of favor on his life, went through some devastating setbacks; but ultimately we know that each of those setbacks was actually a setup for a breakthrough into his destiny.


Joseph, though favored, was having a 'house' built for the future of Israel through the trials and blessings he walked through. In his father's house, he received dreams and visions and favor but also experienced unexpected betrayal and heartache. In Potiphar's house, he received favor and an understanding of agriculture and authority, but he also experienced false accusation and persecution. In the 'big house' (prison), he learned about governing and what went on in Pharaoh's house, but also experienced bondage, darkness and delay. 


In Pharaoh's house, he learned how to rule and oversee, but he was also tested with the return of the ones who had seemingly started this hard journey of overcoming in a place he never wanted to be.


God was building a house for his future but also for the future of a nation. Yet, through all of his pain, he persisted and saw the fulfillment of the promise of God. God has a purpose for the pain you've had to walk through and breakthrough for your destiny to be fulfilled. Don't give up, persist! We must also persist against strong persecution!


God Is Raising Up a Stand-up Generation!


God said that He is raising up a stand-up generation!


Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were three Hebrew boys who found themselves in Babylon when the pressure was being put on everyone to bow down to the image of the king, or we might say the "beast" in our day. They had been mentored by the prophet and statesman Daniel to stand against such pressure.


The pressure was on for these three boys to bow down or else! They chose to stand and face whatever ridicule, persecution or consequence that might come.


It's interesting to understand not only their given Babylonian names but their Hebrew names: Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. We find that Hananiah means "God has favored," Mishael means "who is like God" and Azariah means "God has helped.”


I believe God is going to empower a stand-up generation in this day to not bow down but stand up for God and be counted, knowing that God will help them and give His favor, and that they can be a reflection of God, representing Him rightly in their generation! 



Run to the Battle!



Last year, God had me look at the Greek and Hebrew words under Strong's Concordance number 2021 in order to get His understanding of how we were to position ourselves in that year. I felt the Lord say that it was a season to run to the battle...not hiding and hunkering down but going from survival to revival – to advance when the enemy was threatening. When I looked up the number 2021, I found the Hebrew word "hotsen," which means "sharp or strong; a weapon of war." And the Greek word "epicheireo" which means "to take in hand," "to undertake" or "to put the hand to.”



I felt the Lord was saying that it was time for the Ekklesia to put God's sharp and strong weapons of war in our hands and run to the battle! If we don't fight, we can't breakthrough! A word for one year doesn't stop because of the turning of a calendar; rather, it continues, but it is also added to as God continues to add to the revelation.



God Is About to Pour Out His Spirit on the Nations and the Mountains



So as we were coming into this new year of 2022, again, I felt the Lord prompt me to go ahead and look up Strong's Concordance number 2022 in both the Hebrew and the Greek. I found the Hebrew word "har," which means "mountain, hill, country, nation," and in the Greek it is the word "epicheo," which means "to pour upon.”


It is also interesting that this word is only used once in the New Testament, and it is in Luke 10 where it references the story of the "Good Samaritan." This is a powerful story of a man who was willing to be used to give help and comfort to someone outside of his normal circle, and at an inconvenient time. I believe God is saying that He wants to pour out His Spirit on the nations of the earth in an amazing way this year! God wants to release revival and awakening to the Church and in the earth!


I believe some of our greatest breakthroughs are going to be on our journey to what we think is our assignment but, actually, God is going to have some kairos moments for us to bring the Kingdom in amazing ways which will seem like an interruption at the time. The Good Samaritan is a picture of the Church operating outside the normal confines of our religious context. The Good Samaritan had to overcome prejudice and bias in order to fulfill his mission.


The resistance also came in the form of a religious spirit as the priests could not be bothered to stop and help because of their religious mindsets and hardness of heart. A religious spirit always resists the move of God and ultimately persecutes those purposes. It also fosters a spirit of competition and division. If we are fighting each other, then the enemy is winning. We must focus our united efforts in defeating the real enemy. One person once said that the world won't be won until the Church is ONE!


The Answer


The answer is an awakening hitting the Church, and then us carrying it to the streets. Ministers in the marketplace are going to begin to take their place more than ever before.


We must awaken to our true condition to overcome apathy and complacency. We must awaken to our true call to heal a hurting world. We must awaken to our potential and power to bring transformation through the release of righteousness and justice, ushering God's Kingdom blessings into our world. We must awaken to our authority as the Ekklesia to bind and loose and to use the keys to the Kingdom to shut down the gates of Hell! We must awaken a generation to who they are in Christ and bring the greatest revival the world has ever seen.


It's time for breakthrough in 2022! Let's persist past the resistance to fulfill our Kingdom mission in season for our great King.




By Tom Hamon

Vision Church @ Christian International


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