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"Do Not Be Afraid! Lifeboats Are Being Prepared" 

By Barry Wunsch




Canadian Lifeboats Are Being Prepared:


Prophetic Vision (February 21, 2022)


A few days ago, I was taken into a vision where I saw the deck of a ship. It was a big ship, and the passengers and crew were scurrying around in a bit of a panic. It was very clear to me that this was our Parliament (in Canada), our federal Parliament buildings, leaders and parties. This big ship was now taking on the water way faster than they thought it would.


As I saw them running around, they were preparing lifeboats, because they knew it was not going to be able to sustain itself the way that it was. There were some that seemed oblivious to what was going on, and some that thought things could be resolved and they could save the ship. There was another group (I'm going to say approximately 40% of them) looking for a way to safety – a way out – and were preparing to get on a lifeboat to save themselves and the nation.


A Path for Freedom, Righteousness and Justice


The movement that has begun across this nation of Canada can not and will not be stopped. Political, judicial, medical, police and media integrity and trust have now been utterly destroyed in the eyes most Canadians.


It has become very evident that no matter the color of the political party within this nation, they are all compromised. No matter what they shuffle around or which people they try to put in a position within these parties, they are still controlled by evil forces and global powers and principalities. The game of charades has never been clearer to see. However, there is hope within a remnant, and it will take supernatural discernment for people to see what is really going on. God is making a path for freedom, righteousness and justice in our land.


You will see the ongoing exposure within our federal government. Every evil and demonic plan that was plotted out will be exposed and revealed for what it is. There are whistleblowers who have kept their powder dry for the right time to expose, in truth, some of the most hidden things and corruption within this nation.

"Breaker, Breaker, Do You Copy?”


Prophetic Word for Canada (February 12, 2022)


[Note: Barry didn't get to share this February 12 word on our Elijah Streams program, but we wanted to send it to our readers and viewers.]


"Canada, O Canada, the true North; strong and free! Have I not told you that I would shake everything that could be shaken? Have I not told you about exposures to come?



"Canada, O Canada, be prepared for the shaking to increase upon this nation! You are going to see those who have hardened their hearts brought into the light, and every evil agenda exposed for all to see! They are making their move, and I am making Mine! They will not know what hit them. As surely as I placed the sun and moon in their places – I will bring this great nation into her destiny, today.

"I am bringing a great awakening to this land! Revival is in the air! You can taste it! Do not be mistaken, this is a battle not of flesh and blood but against principalities and powers that are against you.


"O Canada, O Canada, stand on guard! Do not relent! This tyranny shall come down! Those who have oppressed My Canada shall be held to account! I am releasing a breaker anointing upon you, Canada, that will lead the way! 


BREAKER, BREAKER do you copy? Hold fast unto Me on this day, and I will lead you. I will guide you, and great shall be your reward!”


Holy is the word of the Lord.


Portals of Demonic Power Will Be Cut:


Prophetic Dream (February 18, 2022)


I had a dream the city of Calgary's office towers were actually oil valves or oil derricks. The big valves had complicated locks in them. The derricks had red tape and red security fencing around them – essentially to stop and restrict the flow of oil. They also had minimal staff, barely keeping the lights on.



Standing over the city center was a large global principality. It looked like something out of an Avengers movie. This is the second time I have seen him over this city. The first time, he was in control using certain leaders as puppets. He had on a white UN helmet and he was extremely agitated.


Then I saw governmental buildings that had front ends and back ends. I could see a false partition wall that had another set of offices hidden behind it for an evil regime to be able to run things.


There were other buildings as well. I saw the Police service and the CBC with a flashing, flickering sign. The MSM building had several floors and some dedicated floors where offices were set up to control the narrative. There was another office tower with the red and white hospital/medical sign on every floor that seemed to be evacuated. It was not nearly as full as it had been. There was one thing in common with all these facilities – they had power and communication/data lines/cables running through the streets joining them. These were temporary lines, not buried like normal infrastructure.


These lines all fed into a trunk link that led into a dark pit of evil – Hell itself in the bowels of the earth. I could see the flickering of flames and the dark, red glow emanating from this pit. It was evident that with the right strategy and team, these lines could be cut and these areas fully exposed over the city, region and nation.


I also saw a city block of high-rise towers that had not succumbed to these evil forces. They were gold and had a golden oil pouring and flowing over them and through them. They were full of new technologies and advancements that were being held for release in God's perfect timing. There were innovations in energy, technology, medicine and agriculture that were going to benefit not only this region, the region of Alberta, but Canada and the nations!


We Shall Prevail


"Barry, tell My people that we shall prevail! We shall conquer and take back what the enemy has stolen. Arise with Me today as I empower you with supernatural wisdom and guidance. You will see every trap. You will not be moved by fear any longer. I am releasing a renewed strength and boldness in this hour. Do not relent, do not hold back.


"Bring everything you have to the table and lay aside all that would beset you. I have qualified you by My Blood; in Me you can do all things. So, arise with Me, My Bride, on this day, for the nations are counting on you!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.


Incidentally, since I got this, I have been seeing other demonic gates and portals in the USA and other nations that the Father is closing and dealing with to bring freedom to the nations. I saw Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Bilderberg, Sydney, Beijing, Moscow, Iran, Cairo, Johannesburg, Ottawa, Calgary, Mexico City, California and London, to name the ones I saw. There were many portals – some smaller, some larger. But regardless, they are on the Lord's radar and they will not prevail.


"Do No Be Afraid, My Little Flock”


Prophetic Word (February 19, 2022) 


"Do not be afraid, My little flock. Do not fear, My little lambs. Do you not know that I am a good Shepherd? Do not think for one moment that I will not protect you and take care of you through these uncertain days. Rest assured that they are not uncertain for Me!


"For I am the Good Shepherd, and I will protect you and watch over each and every one of you! I am going to expose the enemy and every plot and plan that he has, across this nation, to bring you harm. And I will deliver you! Little lambs, My precious flock, hear My voice and stay close by My side, and I will look after your every need. Draw unto Me on this day. Open your hurting heart, and let Me bring healing unto you on this day.


"Let Me say, once again, that I shall pursue and come after even the one that is too frightened and hurt and is running from Me. I will gather them close unto Me and I will bring healing to those most painful places. For I am your healer, I am your deliverer, and I am your help and your refuge in times of trouble! I am gracious and compassionate, and My love endures forever!”


Holy is the word of the Lord.


As Goes the Church, So Goes the World:


Prophetic Word (February 25, 2022)


"Barry, this is not an easy word to bring, but bring it you must. I saw church facades like movie sets – nothing behind the facade. (Photo via Nara GetArchive)

"Barry, tell My people that I am going to shake My Church. Why should you be surprised at what's happening in the nations? Don't you perceive it? Can your eyes not pick it up? Does not your heart burn within you? For I say unto you: as goes in the Church, so goes the world!


"You have seen the innocent trampled! You have seen the bold oppressed! You have seen My Body beaten, oppressed and restricted. You have seen the peaceful ones, walking in truth, righteousness and justice, shut down by those wielding power (unrighteousness power at that), stopping My Body from progressing. You have seen those serving and dancing, young and old, pushed back and shut down! Restricted. Controlled. For there are insecure, seemingly-powerful leaders using witchcraft to control My Body [using] forms, ways and means of manipulation and control far from Me – but not for much longer!


"For there are leaders in My Body that are being exposed, for unto them shall come a great consequence. They have walked outside of My love. They have walked in jealousy using words, deeds and actions to hurt one another, control and manipulate. I am going to make it clear. I am going to make it obvious. All the world will be able to see.


Releasing and Removing Mantles


"Those who have beaten down others, who have walked in arrogance and pride, who have selfish ambition, who have been showboating, who have walking in false humility shall be humbled. They have taken gifts, that I have bestowed upon them, to use them for prideful, selfish gain. They have become too big in their eyes, and it has become beneath them to humble themselves, to serve as they were anointed and called.


"I am going to cut away from them what was once theirs. I am going to dry up every unclean well from which they drink. They have squandered what I have given them and hardened their hearts to a place where they are now having to perform on their own with no or little power. For just as I am releasing mantles in this hour, I am removing mantles in this hour. For there are those who have blood on their hands, and have hurt many of My little lambs.


"You know who you are, for I am burning in you, even now, and you want to swing back to defend your actions in order to justify yourself. There are many buildings that shall sit empty, for they have become idols to you, and you have lost your way and your first love. Your meetings will be dry as you try to do them on your own. You cannot be backstabbing one moment and expecting blessing the next. It must stop. There is no power in that! I have called you to be a people of love and honor, bringing healing to the land.


Known by God's Love and a Harvest of Righteousness


"I say unto you again that they shall know you by My love for one another! I have said unto you: love one another. Be one as I am one with the Father! For there is no greater love than to lay down your life for your brother or your sister.


"Do not misunderstand Me. Let Me make it clear: those who are not in the light and are not walking in the light are not of Me. It does not matter the diploma they have on the wall, or how much of the Word they have in them. If they use that sword on one another, they are not of Me! You can go through the motions – blow the shofar for all to see. You can do everything that seems right, but if you don't do it out of My love, it is empty and powerless.


"For I am looking for a people, every tribe and nation, to walk in abandoned love. For I am a good Father, and there [are] times of correction for My children; otherwise, you would be illegitimate. For no correction seems pleasant at the time, but in the end yields a harvest of righteousness. Be sure that I will not share My glory with another. You are mistaken if you do.


"So, as I shake, shake, shake and sift your hearts, rest assured, it is for your good. For, yes, I am moving across the nations, and I am raising up a beautiful, pure Bride without spot or wrinkle. 


And, yes, I am knitting us together as one. So, surrender unto Me this day every offense; every motive that is not based in My love. Lay down your swords against one another. Come unto Me in this day, and let Me heal and restore all the enemy meant for evil and to disempower you. Surrender unto Me. Let Me fill you and refresh you again and bring you back under My first love, that you may find yourselves, once again, fulfilling the destiny and the call I've got upon your life.”


Holy is the word of the Lord.


Thanking God in the Pain:


Prophetic Word Released on January 18, 2022


"I know it can be hard; I know how difficult it can be not having enough food to go around the table, or seeing a father taken from a beautiful child. Oh, how much more is My love for you. 


"I hate seeing you hurt. I despise seeing you in pain...watching you struggle with your anger, with you enamored in distress. Oh, My dearest son, do not think that I am not at your side.


"Please understand that My ways are not your ways. For remember, My son; do not forget, My daughter: I am the one who created you in your mother's womb. There is nothing of which I am unaware. There is nothing that you can hide from Me. Does a father not protect and shelter his children? Does he not want them on his knee? For this is My heart's desire: I want to see you free from your pain; free from your past and all those hurts.


"I have to know, My beautiful child, why do you run from Me? I long for your answer. Why [do] you reject Me and [why is] the answer to the question too hard for you to give? When I draw close, you hide or change the subject. When I want to help you, you insist on pushing Me away. My dearest child, let Me reassure you that I am not coming to hurt you. I am coming to give you life. For I know the things that beset you. I am aware of what sets you amiss. I know your every trigger, and every response.


"Barry, tell My people that I have given them My heart. I created each one and gently placed it within them. I knew the risk when I gave you your free will. Let Me tell you this: I gave it that way so that you would love Me by your choice, not Mine. It had to be that way; any other way would not work. For this reason, it is so much more special.


"I want you to know, and I want you to realize, how deep and how wide My love for you is. Take a minute with Me by My side and see from My perspective. Who designed your DNA? Who called your name from the beginning of time? Who knew what you would have to endure? Who foresaw what you would have to overcome?


"Consider, My child, how this is, how My heart feels for you. There is no pain I have not endured for your sake. I see the moments when you just want [to] end it all. I am telling you again: I am here with you, right by your side. Do not forget, or have you not heard, I have a book of life? And within that book is the very detail of your journey.


"I knew the rough paths and the ones too hard to climb. Your strength was gone; you could not do another step. Well, I tell you now to look around and see that you are not alone. I am here at your side. I am here to give you strength to make it. Lean into Me with all you have. My child, let Me take that load off your hands. It is too much for you to carry; it's actually killing you.


"So, give all to Me today...all of it...every single thing. Let Me carry this for you, and together we shall walk it out. It may not happen as fast as you would like, or the way you want it to be at the moment, but trust Me; I have been doing this much longer than you have. It is never as simple as it may appear.


"I want you to see things from My perspective, from My point of view. I have seen the enemy get his hands on you. I have seen what you indulged in. And it broke My heart that you did not comprehend My heart and love for you – that I saw the pain and consequences that you would have to face. That was not My plan for you – to see you crushed and in despair. Nevertheless, I am with you now and calling you fully to Me now.


"Stop running today, My child. Come unto Me for My embrace. Draw near to Me and let Me help you. I am here for you in your moment of distress. We can do this together, you and I, hand in hand. And you will one day understand My logic and why it had to happen as it did.


"All I am asking, My child, is to trust Me and give Me your heart. It is safe with Me. I will shield it and protect it. I will heal it anew. Yes, you can trust in Me and My ways.”


Holy is the word of the Lord.


"For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight. In love He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will." (Ephesians 1:4-5)





By Barry Wunsch

The Canadian Hammer

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