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March 22 . . .

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 March 2022
The winds of change are here! Keep your oil lamps trimmed!

It happened suddenly... a few surges and as fast as a blink we were launched into the dark!

Greetings Inkhorn Tribe!

Almost two years to date, in the month of February, another ice storm hit the Tennessee region this time placing us into 44 hours without electricity.

Some never lost power, but over 100,000 homes did.

Unlike those who lost power, we chose not to check into a local hotel.  We stayed the course and learned what we would need should it happen again. 

Without question we live in serious times.

We have entered a time of war and rumors of war, but the time is not yet.

In spite of the warnings, many refuse to take heed.  If you followed us, then you know of the warnings and have taken heed to "brace yourselves" for what's ahead.  You have reviewed the supply list we shared and engaged in preparing yourself and your family for days of trouble.

Are you ready for the winds of change? 

If you lost electricity (God forbid) for a week or longer, or must stay put for a period of time do you have a spiritual and natural plan in place?  Do you have adequate supplies on hand?  Would you have something to barter or share? 

This is not to cause fear or panic, but for you to use wisdom.  For you to be forewarned.  Now is not the time to scoff, but to BE READY! 

Have your oil lamp filled with extra oil.

"Go to the ant!"  Learn how Joseph prepared.  Dig deep into the word, seek God, and learn. 

Watch and pray, but prepare, prepare, prepare, and be ready!

We are in a crisis moment on a global level, but know this greater is He in us than he that is in the world!  This has not taken God by surprise!  
I feel led, once again to warn all who read this message to position yourself daily in God's presence.  I am not here to instruct you on how to prepare, there's enough information on the Internet and on the shelves of your local library! 

Do your due diligence!

I will; however, encourage you to seek God daily, and in some cases second by second! 

Lean on Holy Spirit and allow the Comforter to teach you all things, even the things to come.

We must know God's voice, His will, and His purpose.  As I shared with the J Tribe and with this community, we must "learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable." And as many ask:

How long will this last?  Will we last?  Is this it for America?  Are we in WWIII?  Is this a time of Gog and Magog?  What should we do?

SEEK GOD NOW! Know who you are in Him!  Know how to use your weapons of warfare!  Avoid aligning with the voice of the enemy and get your instructions from the Great Commander!

Take your eyes off what is taking place and get in the word.  Listen to Psalms and Proverbs.  Engage in journaling.  We have a guided journal available on Amazon and through our website, or grab a notebook and pour out your concerns to God. 

Get in God's presence and allow Him to lead and direct you on what to do!

God wants a personal relationship with us! 

I cannot say this enough, we must know His voice and His instructions should we lose connection via the Internet. 

We must learn how to create an economy under God's Kingdom.  Do not fear!  Do not panic!  Trust God!  Trust His plan!  

Read Daniel 2:44, and memorize it!  Read Nahum 1:7, and memorize it!  Hide the word in your heart. 

The winds of change are here, but God is in control.... ALWAYS! 

This month our ministry team created a 31 Day Proverbs Starter Kit which is available for a small contribution.  Click I'm Ready! to grab your copy.

Kingdom Blessings,


Word for March 2022

Winds of Change.  March is the time when the winds of change will blow.  "I AM blowing in the winds," says the Spirit of the LORD.  "I AM uncovering the systems of mammon.  I AM exposing the hearts of humankind, and dismantling ungodly kingdoms and nations.  The winds, the winds, the winds of change are blowing.  Stay in My Word.  Nestle under My Shadow for the winds of change will blow the covers off everything not anchored in Me.," says the Spirit of the LORD.

Wars and Rumors of Wars.  "There will be wars and rumors of wars for the hearts of many have grown cold.  The enemy has no allegiance.  The enemy has no friends. This is a war against kingdoms and nations and control and power, but I will dismantle them all," says the Spirit of the LORD.   

"Cry out for the people of Ukraine.  Cry aloud and spare not. Cry out for the nations.  Pray for wisdom.  Pray for the softening of Putin's heart, for there are concerns much deeper than what is released through the media,"  says the Spirit of the LORD.  "The enemy seeks to cause massive destruction, but My people have the authority to disrupt the plans of the enemy."

"Get ready, be ready, gird up your loins.  The battle for the soul of America is connected to the lust for power and control.  But remember, I have overcome the world and the keys of the kingdoms are in my possession.  Use the keys I have given you to bind and loose!

The enemy moved prematurely, in an aggressive, destructive power play, but he is limited for My Kingdom cannot be destroyed," says the Spirit of the LORD. 

"Hold to your faith.  Hold to My words.  My words will not return void.  Keep praying.  Keep pressing in.  Don't lose hope.  Keep your lamps lit.  My Kingdom is pressing to earth, and it cannot be dismantled or overthrown," says the Spirit of the LORD.   

"Stand guard at your post and watch.  Stand guard and pray.  Hear the sound of the shofar!  Hear the sound of warring angels and know that I will deal with those who operate in wickedness," says the Spirit of the LORD.  

Housing Crisis.  Cry out for those caught in the web of deception.  Cry out for the homeless and for those were displaced and could be displaced.  I AM shaking the housing industry.  Millions upon millions will be lost by rental investors who have become greedy and self-centered.  

Anything attached to mammon's economy is under scrutiny," says the Spirit of the LORD. 

"Get ready for a major breakthrough as the winds of change blow.  Hold to My word until the storms have ceased. 

Shhhh... Listen for the winds of change to blow.  Wait patiently and move quickly when instructed.  I AM shifting, shifting, shifting the world's economy to a Kingdom system.  Seek Me for instruction.  My Kingdom is coming," says the Spirit of the LORD.

Uprooted Leadership.  "I AM uprooting governmental leadership.  Enough of the lies!  Enough of the greed!  Enough of the unjust scales!  Any leadership not rooted in kingdom principles will topple in the days to come.  My people yourselves in My word.  I AM birthing something new. 

I AM dismantling worldly systems.  I AM uncovering and exposing the hearts of humankind.  Evil men will turn on each other as they attempt to control the nations.  Do not fear, the plans of the enemy will be released through the airways and My people will dismantle it through the spoken word.  Hold fast to your faith. 

Avoid vain communications.  Owe no one anything but love.  Hide My word in your heart.  Remain humble and stand at your watch. 

Governmental leaders, church and religious leaders, educational leaders, political leaders, military leaders, business leaders and all who operate with an unjust hand, I will topple and replace them with righteous leadership.  My harvest is great, but the laborers are few.  Hold fast to My promises, for I AM coming soon," says the Spirit of the LORD.

Separated. "Keep watch.  I AM separating the wheat from the tare.  I will spew out of My mouth the lukewarm; those who scoff and mock and refuse My name. Be hot or cold, but choose your side this day," says the Spirit of the LORD. 

"Do not fear when You hear My warnings.  Be strong and courageous for the shaking of nations and kingdoms and leaders and townships and countries and cities and households have begun. 

Get your financial, spiritual, mental, and physical house in order.  Seek Me daily.  I AM separating the wheat from the tare," says the Spirit of the LORD.

Many are Running To and Fro.  Many are running to and fro.  They are listening to this voice and that voice; running to this conference and that event; be still and know that I AM LORD.  You will find Me when you seek Me with all your heart. 

Seek Me now, in the midst of the storm, in the midst of the wars and rumors of wars.  Seek Me while I may be found.  Be encouraged for I have not left you comfortless.  I have left you Holy Spirit; your advocate, comforter, and teacher.  He will guide you through the rough waters ahead, and I will be with you always, even to the end of the age," says the Spirit of the LORD.

Released in Love, 

Prayer Points
Pray for America.  Pray for the warships to remain at bay.  Pray for those on the east coast for there is something lurking in the waters.  Pray also for the west coast.  Ask God for mercy.  Ask God to raise up more prophetic intercessors for America.  Keep your eyes on the night skies.  Ask God for wisdom and spiritual insight.  Ask Him to give you eyes to see as He sees. Ask God for strength, courage, and wisdom for how to move in the days and weeks ahead.  More storms are on the horizon, storms created by the chaos in the earth and the birthing of Yahweh's kingdom.  Pray for those who are less fortunate and continue to sow during a time of trouble. 
Always pray for Israel.  Pray for mercy, peace and protection of Jerusalem.  Continue to pray for God's perfect timing in all things. 

Pray for Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, Canada, France, Japan, China (communism is unraveling).  Continue to pray for  Australia, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Spain, Iceland, Hawaii (something underground is stirring), Brazil, India, New England states, and Ireland.  Continue to pray for laborers in God's harvest.
Stay hidden in Him,

Released for prayerful discernment ©March 1, 2022. The Writer's Inkhorn International.  All Rights Reserved.

Please share, but do not use the contents without appropriate credit to the source.  We allow reprints in full or excerpt if the source link 
thewritersinkhorn.com is included, and the message is not altered.

“And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever."

~ Daniel 2:44

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Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

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I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

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this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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Shavua Tov

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