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"Prophetic Alert: Crisis in Ukraine and Convoys of Change" 

By Hank Kunneman




Prophetic Pulse: Ukraine/Russia Recap



with Hank & Brenda Kunneman 



During the Prophetic Pulse on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, Pastors Hank and Brenda provided in-depth prophetic insight concerning the current situation between Russia and Ukraine. They also discussed several prophecies that were spoken through Pastor Hank by the Spirit of the Lord that revealed what is now taking place, and what is to come for these two countries.



The main prophecies concerning Ukraine and Russia that were shared during the Prophetic Pulse can be viewed below. As you read through these, please continue to pray for the protection and preservation of the millions of citizens in both countries. Also, pray for the evil and corruption that exists within the high places to be exposed and rooted out so that the glory of God can flourish!



We must remember that even in the midst of pain, trial, chaos, and violence, God always has a redemptive plan for you and your nation!



To hear the full breakdown of the prophetic insights and other prophecies during the March 2 Prophetic Pulse broadcast, click here.



"Do Not Believe the Lies Over Ukraine”



Prophecy by Hank Kunneman



Word of the Lord released on February 16, 2022:



"Do not believe the lies, for even over Ukraine, the media – their mouth is filled. Listen to Me, the media – their mouth is filled with war rhetoric. And there are those who are pushing for war, and there are those who would desire to even make it look like Russia has done something to the Ukrainian people, inside of their borders, to bring them to war. Yet, I am and I have been speaking to the leader of the Bear.



"I've been speaking to you, Putin, and you are listening. Therefore, watch. Do not be caught up in the war rhetoric the media is creating. And do not believe when they report certain things that would desire to frame a picture and bring Russia and Ukraine to the place of battle. For My voice is speaking louder, and I am declaring truth. And My truth shall expose the truth over Ukraine.



"My truth shall expose even greater what they have resisted [on] – that which comes by the expression of freedom. And My voice of truth will continue to pull out of their holes, and I will pull the sheets off, and I will continue to show you what has been done in secret.



"You say, 'But Lord, what good is it if nothing happens?’



"I said, I am the Alpha, I am the Omega – the beginning and end – and I'm everything in-between, and I know exactly what I'm doing, and I declare game over.



"In fact, this which is arising, by way of the expression of liberty and freedom, shall cause it to say, in one nation, 'Where is our leader? Are they hiding?'" (To watch this full prophecy click here.)



Look to the Corner – What Do You See? Prophecy by Hank Kunneman



Word of the Lord released on December 31, 2020:



"Look to the corner – this corner, that corner, this corner, and the bottom corners. What do you see? A frame. And in each corner there has been Russia, there has been China, there has been Ukraine, and you, Iran. And you have framed a picture to try to steal, kill, and destroy concerning the United States. 



"And you have cooperated and shaken hands with those in the middle of this picture frame, who have been about laundering, trafficking, and an agenda to turn this nation into socialism and communism. But listen to Me carefully. What you did not realize is, while you framed your agenda, you didn't get the picture.”



A New Ukraine Is Coming



Prophecy by Hank Kunneman



Word of the Lord released on May 5, 2019:



"There shall come a new Ukraine," says the Spirit of God, "in this new era. Ukraine, you shall not be held by the grip of the Bear, Russia. For there is beauty that is coming for the ashes; but watch, from Ukraine shall come truth that shall expose corruption that has been in you, United States, and it is deep, and it is far, and it is wide; but now it shall come because My Spirit is shedding the light upon the darkness and in the season of the new. Yes, darkness shall be here, but when does darkness outweigh when the light is turned on brighter?" says the Lord.



God Taking the Bear's Claw Out of Ukraine



Prophecy by Hank Kunneman



Word of the Lord released on December 2, 2018:




"Watch, for the Bear is hungry. The Bear has been in hibernation. I speak of Russia. Hungry for power, hungry to appear as strong in the eyes of world power and influence. And so I speak because there is one – Putin, you are thirsty and your pride is driving you to bring Russia back to a place of former. So your claw reaches into Ukraine, but it is not yours! It is Mine! Therefore, as I've done with kings of previous rule and previous nations, I will deal with you, and you will take your claw out of Ukraine, and there shall come a joining, a healing, a uniting that shall take place in you, O blessed Ukraine," says the Spirit of grace. "And you will not place your claws into the Baltic States.”



A Revival Coming Out of Ukraine



Prophecy by Hank Kunneman



Word of the Lord released on December 19, 2004:



"A revival shall come out of you, Ukraine, that shall affect Europe and Russia. Even as America has been known for raising up missionaries to go out into the earth, I will place one in a position of power in the natural, and you, Ukraine, shall rejoice, and My Church will rejoice, because it will be a sign to you that not only have I heard your prayers, but revival is breaking out in the nation of the Ukraine."


The Spirit of the Lord says, "And I am going to send evangelists, apostles, prophets, and teachers and pastors, and they will come out of the Ukraine.”



A Fresh Anointing Is Being Released to Confront the Enemy & Liberate the Nations!



Watch this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman, released on February 13, 2022, regarding the anointing of God confronting the enemies of freedom, like in the days when the Spirit of God led Jesus into the wilderness to confront satan. And as Jesus came out of the wilderness with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, that same power shall release the awakening and freedoms that the nations of the earth are crying out and standing for at this time!



Pay attention to the month of March as things intensify and God demonstrates His supernatural power!



Word of the Lord from Hank Kunneman released on February 13, 2022:



"And so it is," says the Spirit of God, "that there is that – as the two soldiers on the sides of Peter – they yolked him to a place of bondage. And so it is that there have been two things that have been the agenda of Hell primarily: to yolk My people; to yolk the nations and the people thereof.”



God says, "It has been the election of 2020 and the thievery that has taken place, and took place. And it has also been the mandates, the viruses, the vaccinations that have chained the nations and the people. But I say to you," says the Lord, "as it was in the days that Peter was between this, yolked by two things...yet what did I do? I shifted it. I sent My angelic forces, by My anointing, by My Spirit, to break him free. So this is what shall take place as the children shall continue to arise.


The Convoy, Red Sea, Freedom & Protests: Pay Attention to March!



"The convoy continuing to go forward," God says, "it is the moving of My Spirit as in the days of the parting of the Red Sea. As they walked upon the dry land, there was something supernatural that was taking place; and it was the pillar of cloud by day and the fire by night that guided the people on dry land to release them into their freedom.”



God says, "As you watch the protests arise, this shall be the sign of My voice, as the Lion roaring through the nations. But as you see the convoys and the crowds, the people that shall gather and line up and gather and march – yes, they will march.


"Pay attention to March, even." God says, "Even the trucks – it's as though they are passing once again, as dry land is appearing and nations are being set free, as My Spirit is driving them, as I drove My Son into the wilderness by My Spirit. Why? To bring a confrontation of those enemies of your freedom." 



God says, "As the Son of God came out in the power of the Spirit, so shall this release the awakening that I have said, and so shall this release the freedoms that the nations are crying out and standing for at this time. (To watch this full word click here.)


The Rise of the People's Movement & Breaking Covid-19


Watch this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman, released on February 16, 2022, where the Spirit of the Lord reveals that He is driving the rise of the "People's Movement," and more!



Word of the Lord from Hank Kunneman released on February 16, 2022:

"Let your voice become louder: the voice of truth, the voice of righteousness, the voice of justice. For I am," says the Lord, "the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning, and I am the end, and I'm every in-between. Therefore, I look upon the earth when men speak, when things that you see and things that you hear come out upon the movie screens, are written in songs, and declared throughout the earth.


"What does this mean?" God says, "The Lord who knows all sees that which speaks before its time. I say to you, because of your convoys that are arising in the earth, did you think when they sang breaker 1-9 that this was to just speak a phrase? No, they were prophesying of this time, breaking Covid-19.



"What do you think when they would ask and they would say, 'What is your 20?'" God says, "They were prophesying that which they tried to bring upon you, that will be the new breaker 1-9. And when they said, 'What is your 20?' they tried to inflict you in the year of the beginning of your decade, 2020. But I say to you, as the Spirit drove the enemy into the wilderness, My Spirit is driving that which will continue to arise and be known and identified as the people's movement; but it shall not just be the people who are moving, it is My Spirit.



"Therefore, watch as they begin to gather, even greater, by way of trucks and other vehicles that shall begin to form by the masses. And watch what shall become a convoy of people by the millions; and they will gather, and they will go from city to city, and they will sing, they will wave banners, and they will declare, 'We shall not tolerate what is taking place!’



"And there is a sound that My Spirit, the Spirit of truth, is speaking louder. Therefore, watch as My Spirit speaks louder that which shall form in the natural by way of masses of protesters. But," God says, "they will try to incriminate them, and they will even look for ways to frame them, but it will not stop what is being driven by My Spirit." (To watch this full word, click here)





By Hank Kunneman

One Voice Ministries

Email: hankandbrenda@ovm.org 

Website: www.hankandbrenda.org 





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