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Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us. Have mercy on the state of Maryland. Stop this horrific legislation that will result in the killing of babies. May our laws not call good evil, and evil good.

Breaking Update, Monday, March 14, 2022:

Thanks to IFA prayers, the March 11th Maryland General Assembly Senate hearing to advance the so-called Pregnant Person’s Protection Act/HB0626, a Democrat measure to legalize the murder of babies through the perinatal period, was canceled.  Unfortunately, it has not been withdrawn. What this generally means is that the sponsors will finesse the wording or hold it until a more opportune time.


However, the powers behind expanding abortion are cunning and unrelenting. The same day that the Senate was scheduled to hear HB0626, the Democrat-led House Chamber of Maryland passed two correlating pro-infanticide bills. These measures were sponsored and passed despite Maryland already being regarded as ‘friendly’ by the radical population control, pro-death Guttmacher Institute[i]. Consequently, by a vote of 89 – 47, Maryland’s Democrat House Legislators  advanced The Abortion Care Access Act HB0937/SB0890[ii] along with a second Constitutional Referendum measure, Declaration of Rights – Reproductive Liberty/HB1171[iii] by a 93 – 42 vote.   


If the majority of Maryland voters indicate yes for this Declaration of Rights, not only won’t the Dobbs v. Mississippi SCOTUS outcome matter for Marylanders, abortion access and taxpayer mandates for funding will expand. Together, these two measures have advanced what one pro-life legislator described as an all-out assault on babies and what another pro-life legislator described as Maryland’s march toward being one of the most unsafe places for pre-born babies in America.


Among other things, the Abortion Care Access Act mandates funding for abortions by private insurers, expands taxpayer funding of abortion provider training, and expands the qualifications for who may perform abortions. It must be noted that every Republican amendment to this Act was rejected during the second reading, including one amendment requiring medical professionals to provide life-saving medical care to the infant if the abortionist botched things and by God’s providence a baby is born, and another amendment requiring parental notification for minors.  Essentially, this act increases abortion activists’ taxpayer-mandated funding, enhances access for others who want to get into the lucrative abortion business, and relegates the State’s current twenty-four-week gestational limitation to history.


It is hard to describe the illogical arguments for this legislation. Those who spoke genuinely appear to be completely deceived in their belief that this is the moral and the right thing to do for women and the innocent, defenseless babies.  No longer able to stand on their scientific arguments about when a baby really isn’t a baby, they chose circular emotional arguments preaching to the choir of a legislative body where they hold a supermajority.  What comes to mind as I watched some of the impassioned pleas in support was Colossians 2:8, ‘Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of this world, and not after Christ” KJV.


Please pray that the hearts of pro-abortion activists in Maryland and across our nation will have the veils of deception removed from their hearts and that the generational tradition of abortion that was so proudly spoken about is broken under the feet of Jesus. This evil will not rest in the hearts and minds of children.


Video of the floor session specific to the bills begins at 1:11:00 by clicking HERE. The Word of God was spoken over the atmosphere by Delegate Dan Cox at 2:35:00, when he read Psalm 139.

[i] https://www.guttmacher.org/fact-sheet/state-facts-about-abortion-maryland

[ii] https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/2022RS/bills/hb/hb0937T.pdf

[iii] https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/2022RS/bills/hb/hb1171T.pdf

Original article from Friday, March 11, 2022:

Lest any of us think that evil has reached its peak in America, the depravity of Maryland’s Democrat Party is proof that evil has no limit.  On Wednesday, Maryland legislators advanced their so-called Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act 2022[i] for Floor Review, indicating that it has already passed both Chambers of the Legislature.  The Maryland House heard public testimony Friday. Absent a complete about-face, the measure is likely to advance through the legislative process.


As those who believe life begins at conception, ranking the wickedness of abortion at any stage is not a game of compromise warranting our engagement.  However, this bill is different.  It is different, because the Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act 2022 will amend portions of Maryland’s State Health Code and Criminal Law Code to protect an individual’s right to kill an infant during the perinatal stage.  The definition of the perinatal stage of an infant’s life varies, depending upon the source. 


For example, NIH’s National Library of Medicine defines the perinatal stage of an infant’s life to be as much as one year before and up to twenty-four months after birth[ii].  Comparatively, the World Health Organization defines the perinatal period from “twenty-two weeks of gestation to through seven-days of completed birth.”[iii]No matter the varying definitions of the perinatal period of a baby’s life, it is clear that the sponsors of this bill intend to codify one’s right to murder babies many days or months after birth. This measure is infanticide on steroids.


It is reported that the vote was strictly along Party-lines, with the exception of one courageous Democrat member  voting with the Republican caucus to reject the measure.


Whether one identifies as conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between, that any group of people would consider this a method to improve healthcare, to advance equal justice, or to advance equality in America is beyond reason.  How? This bill also criminalizes anyone who discloses the actions of the mother and accomplices to law enforcement, if certain very nebulous criteria regarding infant viability and/or harm to the mother has been satisfied.  If this bill ultimately advances through the General Assembly with a veto-proof majority, it will appear on the Gubernatorial Election ballot as a referendum in 2022.  If Maryland voters are somehow deceived into agreeing to amend the State Constitution, it will hurdle Maryland into the realm of child sacrifice and infant murder beyond what any of us ever imagined.  Sponsors of the bill stated that they intend to protect a woman’s right to quality healthcare. There were also numerous references to social justice, equity, and women’s rights.


The reality is that the specter of Roe v. Wade being overturned through the Dobbs v. Mississippi is fueling an escalation of the anti-Christ’s inhumane assault on the rights of pre-born babies throughout the nation.  We must remain vigilant.  


Will you pray against this bill? And share this urgent prayer need with your friends?


If you live in Maryland, you can send your legislators a message through IFA. Click HERE and follow the instructions.


Mavourene Robinson is an intercessor from the state of Maryland and a contributing writer with IFA. Photo by Matthew Bornhorst on Unsplash.


[i] https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/2022RS/bills/hb/hb0626F.pdf

[ii] Helfer RE. The perinatal period, a window of opportunity for enhancing parent-infant communication: an approach to prevention. Child Abuse Negl. 1987;11(4):565-79. doi: 10.1016/0145-2134(87)90082-2. PMID: 3322517.

[iii] https://www.newbornwhocc.org/pdf/database.pdf




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Arise oh Lord, lift up your hand against the wicked diabolical vessels of satan.  Break off their arms, disappoint them.  Let shame, terror, and dread fall back upon them.  IT'S A RIGHTEOUS THING TO BRING TRIBULATION TO THOSE WHO TROUBLE US! Let anguish grip them, let them be seized with trembling and put a stop their wickedness once and for all . . .

If possible, save their souls.  For with You God all things are possible.  Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous man or woman forsake their evil thoughts.  Let them return to You God and You will have mercy upon them and possibly pardon them.  In the name of Yeshua we pray . . . Amen! 

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Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

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I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

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this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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