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Chris Reed: Dream of the Fifty-Dollar Bill (with commentary from Rick Joyner)



Chris Reed received the following dream on March 25, 2022. Rick Joyner (RJ) adds some of his interpretation after each section in parentheses and italics.

Chris: I saw an unknown man dressed in a black suit holding a fifty-dollar bill. He tore the fifty-dollar bill in three stages. In the first stage of the dream, he stood in front of me, took the fifty-dollar bill, and tore off a third of it. As he did, random people started bringing me national newspapers one after another. All I could read were the headlines. 



(RJ [Rick Joyner commenting]: Johnny Cash was known as the "Man in Black," and the fifty dollars is of course cash. Johnny Cash dressed in black also represents a mourning for the moral and spiritual depravity growing in America. Chris felt the fifty-dollar bill represented the fifty states. Fifty is also the number of the Jubilee, and at the end of this dream is a restoration the Jubilee accomplishes.)



Chris: The first headline read, "The Dollar Drops Thirty Percent in Value: Mideast Oil Strikes Deal with China Instead of U.S.”



(RJ: Between the U.S. dollar no longer being backed by anything but trust in the U.S. government and the recent ineptness of our governmental leaders on world economic issues, we see the beginning of a worldwide flight toward a more stable economic world leader. Looking to China for leadership is a shocking demonstration of how much faith and trust America has lost in just the past year. We need to prepare for a serious devaluing of the U.S. dollar.)



Chris: Another headline read, "The Perfect Storm: Inflation Reaches a New High."

(RJ: Inflation is one of the most devastating crises any nation can face. In the U.S. right now it is at a forty-year high, and it is much higher than is being reported by our government. The devaluing of our dollar by thirty percent could mean another thirty percent jump in inflation. If we add up the disastrous economic policies implemented during COVID, the worsening supply chain crisis with no corrective governmental action, and the Biden "Green New Deal" energy policies, we are heading for an economic "Perfect Storm" that could shake our economy like never before. We should all take immediate action to prepare for this.)



Chris: I was then handed another headline which read, "Food Shortage Crisis as Wheat and Bread Imports are at Stalemate." 



(RJ: During a recent visit to Poland, Joe Biden finally admitted there will be food shortages. What we at MorningStar have been warning about for more than a decade is now upon us and will be more severe than our government is admitting. Ukraine is not only the "breadbasket of Europe" but also of the world. The U.S. imports much of its wheat from Ukraine. Thus, the Russian invasion will have a major impact on world food supplies, including ours.)



Chris: Another headline was handed to me which read, "Riots and Civil Unrest as Citizens Demand Entitlement Checks.”



(RJ: Riots and civil unrest are inevitable because nearly half of Americans are now dependent on government programs, and our government does not have the wisdom or resources to meet what will soon be upon us. Those who are not personally prepared and resourceful and are dependent on the government to take care of them will be desperate. They will riot and seek to plunder those who are prepared.)



Chris: In the second stage of the dream, I again saw the man dressed in black holding the rest of the fifty-dollar bill, and this time he tore it in half. As he did, I felt an earthquake under my feet. A person walked up and handed me a headline which read, "Israeli and Palestinian Two-State Solution Reached." 



(RJ: The prophet Bob Jones warned us for years that when the U.S. tried to pressure Israel to give up more land for peace, the New Madrid Fault Line in the middle of the U.S. would literally tear our country in two by destroying all the bridges across the Mississippi River. This seems tied to the next headline Chris saw in his dream.)



Chris: Another person handed me another headline which read, "Major Earthquake Hits the Middle of the U.S.”



(RJ: Bob saw and warned us for years that when the New Madrid Fault Line went it would destroy much of the heartland of America, even transforming its geography. This is the breadbasket of our country, which could only exacerbate the problems of inflation and food shortages created by our government.)



Chris: In the third stage of the dream, the man in black took the rest of the fifty-dollar bill and started tearing it into smaller pieces, one by one. A person walked up and handed me another headline which read, "America in Pieces: More States Secede from the Nation in Rebellion to the Federal Government.”



(RJ: The American people and many state government leaders know the policies of our federal government have led to the crises tearing our country apart. I too have had several prophetic dreams about the states and the people turning against the federal government and breaking up into smaller regional districts.)



Chris: I was then handed another headline which read, "U.S. Military Takes Charge as Uncertainty Looms over Federal Government.”



(RJ: I was first shown in 1987 that the U.S. would go through a period of martial law. Since then, I have had many corroborating dreams or visions about this. The exhortation I received in 1987 was to start praying for this military leader to be committed to restoring our republic and Constitution as "the supreme law of the land," so martial law would not last long and our constitutional foundations could be restored.)



Chris: In the fourth and final stage of the dream, the man in black took out what looked like a new one-dollar bill, but it also looked like a cell phone. I saw George Washington's face on it, but it looked different. As I looked, someone handed me another newspaper. Its headline read, "New Currency for a Renewed Nation."

(RJ: After being shown the meltdown of our economy and federal government in 1987, I studied some countries that had experienced this, like Germany in the 1930s. There are ways to restore countries, governments, and economies, so they come back stronger than ever. Unfortunately, the option Germany chose—totalitarian fascism—may have quickly restored the economy but was clearly not the way to go in the long run.)



Chris: The key for our country at that time will be our leadership. A crisis unlike any we have faced before will require a George Washington or Abraham Lincoln-like figure combined with a Moses or Apostle Paul-like figure. The Lord has promised us He will send a new generation of "founding fathers" who will fight with the same courage and resolve to restore our republic as the first ones did. Our government's restoration to its constitutional foundations is critical, which would also restore the strongest economy the world has ever known. However, for this to happen will also require a spiritual renewal.



We are now entering the most troubled times in our history, yet there is also a coming restoration that will rebuild our country to its foundations of loving and honoring God and His ways. Then His favor will be restored to us. This restoration cannot happen without that. He will raise up brilliant, godly leaders for us as we had in the beginning. He who has begun a good work in you will complete it (see Philippians 1:6). Never lose your hope and faith in Him.



The last headline handed to me read, "Simplicity Restored as Americans Grow Their Own Food Again.”



(RJ: We will soon see a renewed interest in the "victory gardens" of World War II, when citizens of Allied nations grew so much food in their own backyards, most farms were devoted to feeding the troops. This will become a matter of survival for a time, and now is the time to get started, even if on a small level. However, this also speaks of a restoration of personal resourcefulness which is crucial to our country's moral, spiritual, and economic restoration. This is the only way to be the nation we are called to be and to lead the world through the coming times.)



Chris: I believe this prophetic dream is a warning. It is one of the most vivid and intense dreams I have ever had. There are so many events in the world right now that could cause "The Perfect Storm.”



I believe this dream is an unfolding of events in the near future for which we must all prepare. In fact, I believe the word "preparation" will take on a whole new meaning in the days ahead. After consulting with our leadership team, we came to some partial conclusions as to the dream's meaning. "For we know in part and we prophesy in part" (1 Corinthians 13:9 NKJV). No one person has the whole, but we all have a part. When we put the parts together, we will have a better perspective.


Soon you will hear more from MorningStar on how we can all prepare and equip the people of God for these coming days which seem inevitable. "Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near" (Luke 21:28).


[Note: Please WATCH Chris' video on Elijah Streams today along with reading this article...as there is much HOPE for our future and our nation: https://youtu.be/tENG56eTdcc. ]




By Chris Reed

Lead Pastor at MorningStar Ministries

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Website:  morningstarministries.org




Chris Reed first felt called to minister at the age of twelve. He started accepting invitations to minister on a regular basis at the age of fourteen, and after turning nineteen, he began serving as an assistant pastor. After turning twenty-five, he was elected senior pastor of The Revival Center in Peru, Indiana, where everyone present witnessed significant advancement in the kingdom of God. In July 2021, Chris, his wife Missy, and their children relocated to Fort Mill, South Carolina, where Chris now serves as Lead Pastor of MorningStar Church. Chris is also

actively training to become President of MorningStar Ministries as Rick Joyner's successor. Chris has a mandate to train, equip, and help believers step into their ministries and find their purpose and role in changing the world.



By Rick Joyner

MorningStar Ministries

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Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

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I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

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this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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