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By Veronika West



So a few months ago I received a powerful prophetic warning where I heard these words,…see picture of journal entry: February 2022..!! 



…”AMERICA…Watch and Pray,…Be Alert and vigilant,…for the Spirit of Absalom rises in the midst of you,…Look and Pay Close Attention! For there is one that seeks to win the hearts of the people by discrediting and undermining the Power and Authority of the one who God has Anointed to Rule in this New Era,…SEE!..FOR THE 30 PIECES OF SILVER HE WAS PAID TO BETRAY TRUMP…SHALL BECOME THE SAME 30 PIECES OF SILVER THAT SHALL PAVE THE WAY TO HIS OWN DESTRUCTION AND RUIN”…



…As I Heard those words,..I was suddenly shown the face of Mike Pence,…and the White House was brought before me,…and then the Spirit quickened to me again a stark warning word that I gave….”A JUDAS IN THE HOUSE OF THE REPUBLIC”….




May 26, 2021 Veronika West



A Word regarding America Vice-President Pence



”For the weapons the enemy used to bring derailment and destruction, I shall now use to accelerate and deliver a Nation into the greatness of her Kingdom Destiny!”



I am led by The LORD to share something that happened today as I was going about minding my own business, when The LORD suddenly began to speak to me concerning America Vice-President Michael Richard Pence — Mike Pence.



Now it’s the first time he has really spoken anything to me about this man, but what I saw and heard was so very powerful that I felt compelled to begin to intercede over it.



At first The LORD showed me that Mike Pence was indeed chosen and anointed by His Hand to be the next president after Trump, but that when Mike Pence entered into The White House he was targeted by the enemy and that Satan had found an area of weakness that he would be sure to begin to maximize on.



I was then shown by The Spirit of Revelation this area of weakness, and that it originated from his childhood, an unresolved area that gave Satan access and a foothold.



This area of weakness in the life of Mike Pence made him a prime target for an assignment of great betrayal and deception, and I saw that this assignment of Satan was subtle and stealthy, like the frog that boiled to death without even knowing.



I saw that God’s Plan for Mike Pence was indeed a great one, then The LORD showed me King Saul and likened him to me as Mike Pence.



Then The LORD brought before me ‘Judas and the kiss of betrayal’, and then The LORD said to me that “Mike Pence was chosen, handpicked, not only to be a President/ King, but that he was also to be as a powerful prophetic sign of great recompense that would come to the Nation.”



But then The LORD said to me that because Mike Pence did not rise up to resist the devil, but instead chose to compromise his beliefs and his stand for righteousness, the Anointing of God lifted off his life.

When this happened, that is when Satan had full permission to both pervert and derail his destiny.



But then The LORD said something powerful to me.  He said that the coming great recompense that He had promised to the Nation will not be stolen or jeopardized or denied, but rather it will be delayed, and that in the delay, there will be a greater level of divine exposures and a demonic dismantling of Satanic powers in the land, that would begin to take place.



Then I was shown by The Spirit a new Vessel that has been chosen, that will carry the Mantle and fulfill that Kingdom Mandate that Mike Pence was given.



This individual will soon be revealed as the one that will serve for a season as second in command to President Trump.


The LORD said that a Joshua-type of Anointing will rest upon him and he will be known as “a strong and righteous ruler, a man who carries The Wisdom and Counsel of God.”



The LORD spoke to me again about Mike Pence and Judas and he said to me that the enemy strategically targeted Mike Pence, because he was specifically targeting the prophetic promise of supernatural Recompense and Restoration for the nation.



The enemy thought that if he could enlist Mike Pence to cooperate with him to destroy Trump, then he would not only destroy the legacy of Trump, but Mike Pence could no longer be the Chosen Instrument to carry out the Divine Mandate of Recompense and Seven-fold Restoration.



Then I heard The Spirit say, ”But fear not, watch!  For even as the spirit of betrayal was fully exposed and the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing was fully revealed for all to see, so shall it be as My Promise of Full Recompense and Restoration is made manifest in the midst of you.



For the weapons the enemy used to bring derailment and destruction, I shall now use to accelerate and deliver a nation into the greatness of her Kingdom Destiny.



Watch, as I turn a demonic assignment of great betrayal into a Divine Act for Kingdom Advancement and the birthing of a Nation in one day!”






Please also see a powerful 2016 Prophetic Word and stark warning that I shared here on HKP concerning a Judas in the house of the republic,  “Warning: A Judas in the House of the Republic!..; https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/america-a-judas-in.../



“In the third year — a three pronged attack will be thwarted!”

I remember so clearly when I received the warning, it came with such a clarity and a clarion call to pray for full protection over President Trump.



Dare I say this but, The LORD showed me that because of the faithful Remnant who stood in the gap for President Trump, the spirit of murder was restrained and held back.



I was shown that in the 3rd year of the Trump Presidency, there was a plot to murder The President and at the time I heard the Words,  “In the third year — a three pronged attack will be thwarted!”



I was shown at the time, that because of a small and faithful group of intercessors in the Nation, the plot was thwarted and the preserving power of God moved powerfully to protect president Trump and his family.



Furthermore, dare I say it, but I believe that after what I was shown through this encounter today with The LORD, is that it was the Supernatural Intervention of God at work yet again, to protect the life and destiny of President Trump, in exposing, restraining and then removing, the spirit of murder that was both empowering and operating through a Judas spirit in The White House!



I hear these Words,  ”Watch!  For a Divine Delay will become a catalyst for a greater demonstration of My Glory and Resurrection Power in the Nation of America, that will cause a supernatural domino-effect, that will bring a sudden separation and deliverance to goat and sheep Nations that stand in The Valley of Decision.”



Lastly, I can say this Word will probably — or should I say most definitely — cause some controversy, but I must continue to speak by Faith what I am shown by The LORD.



My only desire is to faithfully share the specific part of the picture that God has given to me.



I am confident that other voices will add to this and bring more Revelation in time.



Blessings to you all.


By Veronika West

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08.09 | 23:52

Thank you for this! You might enjoy my take on the whole 'Christmas' story, not born on Dec 25th etc,

17.03 | 00:11

Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

16.03 | 15:20

I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

11.01 | 20:32

this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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