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By Pieter Kirstein
I'm sharing a personal word, which the Father gave to me 8 years ago about my own prophetic journey with Him and everything has been playing out exactly as was prophesied.
I'm sharing this word because I know others will be encouraged by it, as they see the Father's love and attitude towards His suffering children.
Personal word.
Pieter, Hear the voice of the Lord unto you this morning, “I have never lifted My hand from you My Son, nor has My eye ever been off you. Yes you have felt the harshness of My hand, but it has also been the hand that has lifted you from your pits of despair. Remember that you heard My calling you as a son of My Kingdom. You responded to the call to lay down your life. Yes you had the power to pick it up again, but you could not leave the Glorious realm to which I had opened your eyes. You are in great travail, but I see that travail.
I watch you, and care about your every circumstance. Be assured that you will come forth a new and perfect person. There is a moment of perfect time for your birth. You will not be premature nor will you be still-born. You will come forth as My strong and mighty one, a captain and chief of My New Day. You will have the wisdom I gave Solomon and you will speak Life into corrupt creation. Thunder will proceed from your mouth and beams of lightning will proceed from your hands. This is your calling Pieter.
Think on this and your mind will be turned from the pain. You will not need forceps at your birth for there is an ever increasing excitement and yearning to be born and serve Me. You can feel this. You know that the time of birth is drawing nigh. I am your obstetrician, and will thwart the enemy at your birth. Think on these things My son, this is your calling.
I know your needs and I hear your cries. You are lonely and wonder if you have heard me correctly. Yes you have. My working is to perfect you and bring you forth into the earth to reveal My Glory for the Bride. Do not even consider that you have been deceived. The enemy is planning to devour My sons when they appear from the womb, but his plans are already defeated. He only deceives himself. Eat the prophetic word I release for you, for it is as your nourishment and it will comfort and sustain you. You are not alone. My blessings will follow. It is My plan to bless your end better than your beginning. Be patient My Son, for it shall come to pass.
The gold of Ophir will be brought to you. I will open up channels of blessing that you never even thought of. These things will follow and you will be wondered at. People who have seen your days of mourning will see your days of abundance and joy, and will know that only the Great and Mighty one of your salvation has visited you.
Pieter, I have seen your pain. It is not unknown to me. I have seen it. I have felt it. I have wept, for I love you. Life here is not easy. It has never been for there is a spirit in the air which is not Mine, looking to destroy. There will be pain. There will be suffering. Look at My Son! And yet, if you will let Me, I will take all these things, which can seem horrible beyond comprehension and I will use them to heal. I will turn them into good and this goodness will not just last a moment, day, week or even a lifetime.
The goodness I will bring through it is for eternal effect in your life and the lives of others. There is no end to this good effect! There is nothing so destroyed that I cannot restore for I AM the Lord. No other can do what I can do for I AM the Lord and there is no other. What people break and wound and injure, I heal and restore. Scars may remain as long as you walk this earth, but I will restore in a way that goodness comes forth like a flower in the desert. I know it is hard where you are and not what you planned, but I am asking you to worship Me from that place. Will you rejoice in who I AM, reminding yourself of all that I AM and declaring My promises?
If you do so, your reward will be immediate and great. First, I will write My promises on your heart just as I have engraved you on the palms of My hands. No longer will you forget Me just as I do not forget you. My promises etched on your softened heart will give you strength to endure in hard places. You will see Me and I will pour out My joy on you and through you by the power of the Holy Spirit, though it may not make sense in this place. And My joy will be your strength. Joy is not happiness and to be happy is not the same as joy. Happiness is for happy times. Joy springs up like a gurgling fountain in unexpected and dry places and where it flows cannot be stopped by circumstances.
This is because joy is from Me alone! Joy is the fruit of trusting in Me, My Way, My purpose, and My promises through everything even when what you can physically see, taste, hear, feel and smell seems to fly in the face of it. Joy is a gift from My Holy Spirit to you. It is a kiss of My love to help sustain you – if you will receive it. You must choose joy even as you must choose to trust. You must choose to look at Me and believe what I am teaching you and especially when you are discouraged and it doesn’t make sense. Then your joy will be complete and you will be strong in Me. And My peace which surpasses all understanding will flood your mind and heart. Oh, how I love you! Oh, how I long for you to understand how much I love you! My love for you cannot be contained, cannot be stopped and is never ceasing. I AM the Lord God! I dwell in heaven and on earth. I created all things.
I have no need to suffer and yet I did – willingly through My Son – all for love of you!!! Do you understand yet? I entered into suffering though innocent because I love you so much. I know your shortcomings –your sins. Nothing is hidden to Me. I saw you before you knew I AM and I have known every thought you thought was hidden and still My love does not stop. I AM waiting for you truly to receive My gift of forgiveness. I AM waiting for you to forgive yourself. If I, God Most high, who knows all can forgive you, then why can you not forgive yourself. Do you not know that from east to west, from infinity to infinity, I have forgotten what I have already forgiven?
All you had to do was ask and I wash it away and remember it no more! Stop listening to the condemning voice within you and beside you. By the power of My Name and what I have done on the cross for you, command it to be silenced and be gone! It is not Mine! Yes, I want you to leave wrong behaviours, attitudes and mind-sets behind because I know the freedom and blessing which awaits you in My will and Way. But I do not condemn you! I wait for you to turn, ask Me to forgive and become free! Understand I am waiting to forgive and wash away all that burdens you. Come to Me again and again when you are burdened and I will remind you, what you have asked has been forgiven and I remember those sins no more.
It is My great delight and I am waiting to do this for you. Ask Me. Ask Me. I am faithful. And never forget, I will not leave you – ever. Though you may choose to walk away from Me, there is nothing you can do to cause Me to stop loving you. I AM LOVE and it is not in Me to be able to stop. I cannot. I will love you infinitely, unconditionally and forever, whether you decide you desire to love Me and be with Me or not. Your choice will be respected! But My love (and My grief to not have you with Me if you choose another way) won’t stop.
I yearn for you for I created you for fellowship with Me. Never forget that I have great, redeeming purpose for you right where you are. I waste nothing! If you are in a dark place, what better than to be My Light! Let Me shine through you! Seek Me and let Me use you there to reach many, many others with my redeeming, freeing, joy-filled Truth! Rest in Me where you are. Know you are not forgotten. Worship Me. Pray, asking Me for what you want. I will hear you. My child, know with certainty that in your darkest moments, I am with you. I say again, I will never leave you or forsake you. Trust Me! Don’t turn away…turn toward Me. I am asking you to trust Me now though it is hard. Lean on Me and not your own understanding. I am faithful. I am faithful! Seek Me with all your heart and watch how I will comfort you. I will use all for good. I will use all for good. Have you heard Me yet?
I will use all for good. You will see My restoration and know it was Me and it will be greater, higher and broader than you could ever imagine. Hush now, My child. Be at rest in Me. Receive My peace and sense how I am pouring My peace which surpasses all understanding out over you by My Spirit as a river. Soak in it. Let it refresh you and consume you, filling you to overflowing. I am showering you with My love, singing over you My songs of love, joy, forgiveness, understanding, healing, redemption and restoration.
These are My promises to you! Feel My joy in you welling up. It is My gift to you! It will be My witness to others. And it is for My glory that you would be blessed. Rejoice! I am showering You with great love! Rest in Me. Continue to rest. Revel in who I AM in the quiet of your soul and let Me sing to you of your beauty to Me, comfort you and bring you even more joy in the morning.

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08.09 | 23:52

Thank you for this! You might enjoy my take on the whole 'Christmas' story, not born on Dec 25th etc,

17.03 | 00:11

Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

16.03 | 15:20

I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

11.01 | 20:32

this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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