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Final Hour . . . time is running out

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By Linda Chuter



A word for the Remnant Bride 



Beautiful Remnant Bride -there are many voices and many words being released. Take everything (including this word) and test it with His Spirit. Take every word you receive to the feet of Yashua and ask Him to lead you and teach you. He always confirms. 


Abba has been working intensely in my life this last year, and this word has been on my heart for a few weeks awaiting on Holy Spirit to release a Kairos moment to write and release what He has laid on my heart. 



The Bride is in a place of intense final testing in the fire of His presence. Every aspect of the heart of the bride is being tested. The glory light of Truth is shining within the deepest part of our hearts and souls. Abba Father is intensely testing the Bride - it is a time of final preparation and the cleaning of our hearts. A mighty army that will carry His glory is about to arise from within this fire. They are coming forth as gold - but this is not the color of gold that we see in the natural. In the Spirit, their bodies look like "illuminated gold" I can't explain it in natural words. 



It will be like Moses coming from the mountain. His face was shining with the presence of God. He covered his face with a veil so that people could look at him after he had spoken to them. 



We are at that exact moment in time. A remnant Bride that will come forth from the presence of His Fire - they will carry the presence of Abba Yahuah, but they will be clothed in humbleness for they have been greatly tested. In the Spirit, their bodies will shine and the enemy will not be able to come near them but in the natural, they will be "normal" and approachable to the people. The lost, hungry, and sick will be drawn to the presence of God within them. His Spirit within and through them will gather the final harvest. 




Exodus 34:29-35

 When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hand, he did not know that the skin of his face was shining [with a unique radiance] because he had been speaking with God. 30 When Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone, and they were afraid to approach him. 31 But Moses called to them, and Aaron and all the leaders of the congregation returned to him; a, and spoke to them. 32 Afterward all the Israelites approached him, and he commanded them to do everything that the Lord had said to him on Mount Sinai. 33 When Moses had finished speaking with them, he put a veil over his face. 34 But whenever Moses went in before the Lord to speak with Him, [a]he would take off the veil until he came out. When he came out and he told the Israelites what he had been commanded [by God], 35 the Israelites would see the face of Moses, how his skin shone [with a unique radiance]. So Moses put the veil on his face again until he went in to speak with God.



This is a time to press into His presence like never before - seeking after His heart and obeying His voice and instructions. 



Many hidden things in our hearts will be revealed and exposed. Abba Himself will bring the hidden darkness within us into manifestation. He is the one doing the final work of purification. Allow Him to work deep within - do not hold back - humble yourself under His mighty hand - He is preparing a mighty and glorious army. 



Come into the ark of His presence - He will prepare you for the final work to be done on earth. We are the ones that will prepare the way for Him. In His presence, we will receive our instructions. Just like Moses went in to hear what Abba is saying - we have to enter in and hear what He is saying. 



Everything in your life that is not built on truth will be shaken. 



Every part of your heart that is not in Truth will be revealed, every relationship that is not in truth will be shaken, some will stand and become stronger other relationships will no longer be, let go of what must not be. The heart of man will be revealed like never before. Finances, marriages, family relations, religious beliefs, etc. Every aspect of our lives will be tested. Abba will test us to bring us forth as gold. 



Voices of accusation will arise against those in the fire, they will be misunderstood and rejected by those outsides of the fire. 



Remnant Bride do not be distracted by these voices. Remain in the fire with Him until it is time to come forth. Abba Father is the one revealing all things. 



He is setting us free by revealing the deepest parts of our souls - so that He can use us as pure vessels and every stronghold and legal right the enemy has over us because of the things hidden in our souls will be broken. Not in your strength but in His. His Spirit is the one doing the work. 



Zechariah 4:6


So he answered and said to me:


"This is the word of the Lord to (A)Zerubbabel:



(B)‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’


Says the Lord of hosts.



You have done all you can - now is the time to just stand and allow Him to finish within you the work that HE has started. 




Ephesians 6:13 



Therefore take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 



Do not be swayed by the accusations coming from a man - stay true to the word and instructions from Abba Yahuah for your life - keep your heart free from offense and unforgiveness. Let go of that which Abba is removing from you. Do not try to hold on. 




The enemy is building a third temple where he will take his seat in this natural world for every eye to see. 



Yashua is raising a living temple within you and me. The fullness of His Spirit (Isaiah 11:2) will be poured out upon and within these living temples (living stones) 



The Bride will rise in unity across the globe as living stones and form the Living Temple of His presence for a work to be done in this final hour. 



Before I felt that it is time to release this word Abba gave me a strong confirmation. 



The image above is a photo of the watch on my arm. 



In 2019 September on a trip to Israel, my watch stopped at 5min to 12. When I looked at my watch and thought that I need to change my battery I heard Holy Spirit saying "No don't change the battery - wear it like that - midnight is approaching" 



The last two years there was a wake-up call given by many - a final call to be ready and to prepare. 



Just a few weeks ago (two years later) I looked down at my watch and I saw that it has moved to past 12 and stopped there, (image above.) 

I heard the Holy Spirit say "time is running out - this is the final hour - be alert and ready" 



Abba showed me - Many will not hear because they have not allowed their ears to be circumcised from the noise and voices of this world, many will be in doubt and accuse the watchman that is sounding the alarm and warning the remnant to be ready and prepared. For those who know that they are called as watchmen - press on and speak what the Spirit is saying. Those who have an ear that is circumcised WILL hear what the Spirit is saying. This is not the time to remain silent. 






Our hope and strength lie within His presence. Be obedient to His voice and remain within His perfect will. He will strengthen us to endure until the end. 



Just stand! Time is running out. 




Much love 



By Linda Chuter


Linda is involved in the media on various platforms in TV, Radio and printed media. Her television program, Truth Talk, is aimed at bringing the truth of the Word of God to His people.



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08.09 | 23:52

Thank you for this! You might enjoy my take on the whole 'Christmas' story, not born on Dec 25th etc,

17.03 | 00:11

Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

16.03 | 15:20

I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

11.01 | 20:32

this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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