If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Special forces on the Highway of Holiness . . .

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BY Deborah Waldron Fry




 Heard," You are God's Special Forces and Secret Agents in the Heavenly Places. Disrupt and take down the enemy!" 



In The Spirit I heard the sound of “static” like when there was bad reception on a radio and I heard the phrase “Ley lines.” Ley lines are ancient paths, straight paths or routes in the landscape that are thought to have spiritual significance, you could also call them “high places.” Ephesians 6:12 talks of spiritual wickedness in "High places" In these places dwell demonic powers; spiritual beings not of this world. But there are MANY MORE for us than against us!  And we have been raised up with Christ, seated in Heavenly Places, FAR above these principalities and powers. We are called to exercise our authority in Him and take back what belongs to us through Jesus Christ who has DESTROYED the works of the devil.  



Rejoice, Warrior of God! God’s Army is taking back the Heavenly Airwaves, the Highways of Holiness and the High Places of Heaven!”



“Beloved.  My Word and My Spirit in you confuses and destroys the  communications of the kingdom of darkness. For you wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.



"Wherever you go, you distort the enemy’s “ley lines.”  High level occult rituals are happening all around you. But do not fear, My Warrior. I took back the high places of the earth at the Cross.  Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. I make your feet like hinds’ feet and set you upon the High Places.



"I AM revealing the unseen things to you. The earth is Mine and the fullness thereof. The Ancient Paths belong to your God. I have commissioned you to disrupt and take down the enemy by My Spirit. For the weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but mighty through your God to the pulling down of strongholds.



"You are My Secret Agents and My Special Forces. Do not be afraid to walk into dark places. You wear the Armor of Light. My Presence in you shall cause the frequencies of darkness to become garbled and indistinct. My Light in you shall cause confusion so that the lost can hear My Voice in the midst of chaos. People who could not hear Me before shall suddenly hear My Voice.



"The Light always triumphs over darkness. Clarity shall come and the PURE SOUND from Heaven shall reveal the Son to all who will receive. You shall wield your Sword of the Spirit and every high thing will come down in My Name. The Spiritual Highways shall flow with the PURE LIGHT from above.



"And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness.  No evil thing will come upon it.  But only My Redeemed shall walk there.  Rejoice, My Army, go forth and conquer the Heavenly Highways and Byways!



You will open Doors of Light and close the portals of darkness in My Name. And I shall give you every place where the sole of your foot treads, My Warrior.  



"The boundary lines have fallen for you in pleasant places; surely you have a delightful Inheritance in Me! You walk on the Good Path and the enemy shall flee seven ways before you! The Lord of Hosts leads you in triumphal procession, and through you spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of Him everywhere! 





LEY LINES: An invisible line between some important places such as hills, believed to be where there were very old paths. Ley lines are sometimes thought to have special powers. Ancient tracks used for navigational purposes. (Cambridge Dictionary)


Special Forces and Secret Agent:  A person who has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another person or an entity. A force that produces a particular effect by its action. Special operations forces spy and gather information and destroy the enemy's communications and are trained to engage in direct raids or assaults on enemy.





“This is what The LORD says: “Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask for the ANCIENT PATHS: ‘Where is the good way?’ Then walk in it and find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it!’”   Jeremiah 6:16.



“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,”   Ephesians 6:12. 



“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds,”   2 Corinthians 10:4.



“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance,”   Psalm 16:6.



“And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness.  The unclean will not journey on it; it will be for those who walk in that Way; wicked fools will not go about on it.  No lion will be there, nor will any ferocious beast get up on it; they will not be found there.  But only the redeemed will walk there,”   Isaiah 35:8-9.



“For behold, He who forms mountains and creates the wind and declares to man what are His thoughts, He who makes dawn into darkness and treads on the high places of the earth, The LORD God of hosts is His name,”   Amos 4:13.



“For behold, The LORD is coming forth from His place. He will come down and tread on the high places of the earth,”   Micah 1:3.



“I have given you every place where the sole of your foot treads, just as I promised Moses,”   Joshua 1:3.



“But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere,”   2 Corinthians 2:14.



Deborah Waldron Fry is with Danny Sommer-Rain Owens and 

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08.09 | 23:52

Thank you for this! You might enjoy my take on the whole 'Christmas' story, not born on Dec 25th etc,

17.03 | 00:11

Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

16.03 | 15:20

I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

11.01 | 20:32

this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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