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Veronika West




BY Veronika West




The LORD is calling for the rebuilding and the restoration of the broken down Altars in the land!



Today while in prayer, again The LORD spoke to me concerning Altars.

Over the last two years running, I have submitted a number of powerful Prophetic Words about Altars and the spiritual showdown that is coming to The Nations.



But today, as The LORD spoke to me again about Altars, it quickened to me a powerful angelic visitation I had in February 2020, and He impressed upon me to share it again for the purpose of Prayer and Intercession.



On reading through the encounter again, I saw that there are number of things that were shown to me then, through that angelic visitation, that are now beginning to come to pass — not only in my Nation(s) — but I believe, it speaks powerfully to what is unfolding prophetically in many Nations across the earth,



So, in February 2020, I was on my way to England to minister at a Prophetic Conference, and on my way there, I had a powerful angelic visitation on the airplane, where I was taken up in The Realm of The Spirit over the landscape of the Nation of The United Kingdom.



Suddenly I was shown in the Vision, giants walking across the landscape of the Nation, and I saw that powerful demonic thrones and strongholds had been built and established over specific areas of the Nation.



Now, as I looked at the giants in this angelic encounter, I saw what looked like demonic hordes/ armies of demons that moved at their command, and I watched as these demonic hordes were being sent out in different directions across the four nations within The United Kingdom.



I was shown Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.



But then suddenly, The Angel of The LORD spoke to me saying, ”Look!” and as I was taken closer in the Vision, I saw that the giants who occupied many places across the land, were made of clay.



Then the Vision shifted, and I saw what looked like small mountains of rock and rubble, and these strange looking mounds were scattered across the landscape of the Nation.



Now, looking intently at the mounds of rock and rubble, I immediately inquired of The Spirit of Revelation for an understanding of what I was being shown, and The Spirit spoke to me saying, ”See! For these are the broken down Altars. The Altars of Consecration to The LORD, have been neglected and decimated.”



As soon as The Spirit of Revelation spoke those Words, it was made known to me by revelation, that the reason the giants now occupied the land, and had built their thrones and demonic strongholds across the Nation, was because the Altars of The LORD were broken down, and that the enemy had a legal right to take ground and occupy the territory.

The neglect of true Repentance, Worship and Consecration to The LORD, had given Satan open access to rob, kill and to destroy.



But then suddenly, the Vision shifted again, and I saw a large Ox and a powerful looking Stallion, standing side by side in a field that was ready for harvest.



The Ox and the Stallion were yoked together. I looked at the feet of the Ox and the feet of the Stallion, and they moved in step and in time with one another, and together they moved forward across the Harvest Field, in great strength and power.



Then suddenly I heard these Words, ”Look — for in the days ahead, I shall join the two together, for the Apostolic Mantle and the Prophetic Mantle shall be yoked together, and they shall move and advance as one.



Watch! For the broken-down Altars shall be rebuilt and repaired ,and the ancient wells shall be uncapped.



See! For the Apostolic Grace shall go forth to rebuild and repair that which lays in ruin, and the Prophetic Grace shall go forth to unlock and uncap the ancient Wells of Revival in the land!”



As I heard those Words, again I found myself looking across the landscape of the Nation, and I saw the strong Ox and the mighty Stallion moving together as one.



I saw an Apostolic and Prophetic Movement being birthed in the Nation. I saw Apostolic and Prophetic Hubs rising in the midst of the rocks and the rubble, and I watched as a divine move of The Seven Spirits of God and the Spirit of Elijah, was being released over the land to rebuild and restore the Altars that were broken down.



Now as I watched this taking place, suddenly I saw the ancient Wells of Revival bursting forth upon the land, and then I heard these Words, “Watch — for the rebuilding of the broken-down Altars, shall bring to birth a Great Awakening in the land, and the Wells of Revival shall once again flood this Nation.



For I AM bringing My People back to The Altar in Worship, back to The Altar in Prayer, back to The Altar in Repentance, back to The Altar in Holy Consecration before Me.

For I shall bring The Nation back to its Covenant Foundations, back to My original intent for which this Nation was built.



Yes! Listen! For a sound is rising — an ancient sound — a sound of the land that shall be heard!



Watch! For The Roar of The Lion of Judah shall shake and awaken the Nation to its true Identity and Destiny — a sound that shall break open the ancient pathways.

For now I shall raise up Apostolic and Prophetic Hubs across the Nations, I shall raise up Apostolic Worshipers who will arise with a sound of The Roar, that shall awaken the deep sleepers.



I shall raise up Prophetic Reformers, who shall call for the prodigal Nations to turn and return to The Heart of The Father in true repentance.



I shall raise Apostolic Watchmen — even as Nehemiah did at the time of the rebuilding of the wall — who will stand with bow, sword and shield to keep guard, as My People rebuild!

Watch! For I AM preparing a people who will offer themselves as Living Sacrifices, Holy and pleasing in My Sight — a people who will come to The Altar in true Worship and Repentance, to be set ablaze with the Fires of My Glory.”



As The Spirit of Revelation spoke those Words, suddenly I saw that as ancient Wells of Revival were being uncapped and unlocked, so that the waters began to rise, and rivers began to flow forth upon the land.



But — then I saw something amazing begin to take place! As the waters were rising and the rivers were beginning to flow, so the giants — who were made of clay — began to disintegrate before my eyes.



The giants of clay who occupied the land, became like massive mud pools, and I saw that the waters from the ancient Wells of Revival, brought a supernatural cleansing to the land.

As I watched the giants of clay being brought down, suddenly I saw Fire fall upon the broken-down Altars which had now been fully repaired and rebuilt, and as the Fire fell from Heaven, so the demonic thrones and strongholds that occupied those specific areas across the Nation, were completely destroyed.



There is only a short video and part of the word that was released at that conference in February 2020. Click here — Link to Facebook video. (Transcript below.)



See other Words I have submitted that speak powerfully to “Altars”, and their prophetic significance for the hour we are in:



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6. “The Fatted Calf Has Been Prepared for Prodigal Nation“





Partial Transcript of above video link:

Veronika West — One Voice, Reading, 8 February 2020

The LORD said to me in a dream “How long, United Kingdom, are you going to falter between two opinions?”



Elijah went before the people saying, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him. But if he is Baal, follow him.” (1Kings 18:21)



And we know what happened; there was a showdown. Elijah called for an altar to be built and filled its moat with water, and the prophets of Baal built an altar and they called upon their gods…Elijah began to mock them saying, “You’re going to have to call a little louder!”



(1:02mark) Then Elijah does something: He says one word and God sent his fire. And in this dream, I heard the Spirit of God say this (which is also a powerful proclamation):



“Get ready, get ready! For the stage is set, for a Spiritual Showdown is about to take place in this land! Watch! For now I am raising up a remnant that will Roar with a call for the rebuilding and the restoration of the broken-down Altars in this land.



(1:53) Listen! For a sound is beginning to arise from the ground of this prodigal nation. A sound of weeping and wailing will once again be heard, as the call to come to the altar returns to the land. Now, watch and pray and pay close attention, for a remnant mantled with the spirit of Elijah is rising in this land – one who will begin to roar, causing a Prodigal Nation to come back to its senses. A nation that was lost will turn, return and be reformed! Listen! Now is the time to repair and rebuild the torn-down altars in this nation.“



(2:45) In the dream, I saw altars begin to be repaired and rebuilt in the nation. And I saw Scotland – I know that Emma and David Stark are here, and I don’t want to say this is for their ministry – but I saw an altar being rebuilt in Scotland. Then I saw an altar being rebuilt in Wales, and I saw an altar being rebuilt in Ireland, and I saw an altar being built in England. I saw altars being built all over this nation.



(3:18) But what was incredible is that as I saw the altars being repaired and rebuilt, I saw the Giants falling – I saw Giants falling! And, as the altars were being repaired and rebuilt, strongholds were being dismantled, demonic thrones were being overthrown. The I saw something incredible as I saw the altars being rebuilt – and I saw a weeping and wailing and saw many coming back to the altar. And the LORD said,



(4:02) “The words ‘altar call’ have not been upon the lips of My shepherds, but NOW I AM restoring and I AM putting back on the lips of My shepherds the words, “Altar Call.”

And as I heard the Lord say that I saw something amazing happen in the dream as I saw these altars being rebuilt. As they were being rebuilt I saw wells being uncapped and opened and I spoke with the Lord in my amazing dream (I speak to the LORD, to the Throne of Revelation in my dreams and I go back and forth), He said something – not strange, but the Lord said,



“Altars of awakening, wells of revival and restoration…It will take the apostolic grace to build the altars of awakening, and it will take the prophetic grace to uncap the wells of revival and restoration.”



(5:09) And then the dream shifted, and the LORD showed me a horse and an ox being yoked together in a field, and they looked uncomfortable. The horse had great strength, and he wanted to gallop; and the ox had his head lowered, ready to pull and to plough. The LORD said, and there was no sense that this yoking was oppressive,

(5:58) “I AM yoking the apostolic and the prophetic, I AM yoking them together in a new way in this next season.”



I saw that the prophetic horse wanted to run ahead, but the yoke prevented one going ahead of the other. The yoking enabled them to work together in humility, with their mantles of apostolic and prophetic grace, that God is releasing.



And the LORD had me prophesy as the altars were being built, that the wells would be uncapped and be open, and I saw the apostles building and rebuilding the altars, and the prophets were coming behind them, speaking to the wells of revival.



(7:05) I see altars being rebuilt across this nation, in north, south, east and west, and then I heard the Spirit say this about Reading,



“As the altars are being rebuilt across this nation, Reading shall become an altar, an altar where fires of revival shall fall. Reading will become a tower on a hillside that cannot and will not be hidden any longer. Reading will arise and shine when glory has come upon you. Watch, for all nations will be drawn to the brightness of your rising.”



Thank you, Jesus! And then I heard the LORD say,



(8:03) “The Gates shall now become an altar, a place of fire, a place of revival… Even what is happening with the building, is highly significant and prophetic.” He said, “I AM pulling down the old meeting place, because I am building a new altar in this place.”



(8:57) And as I was praying this morning for The Gates, as I was praying onto the ground of the Church, I saw angels very involved in dismantling different parts of the building. I had a sense that some of you here may be somewhat sentimental about the building, but the LORD wants you to know that HE is tearing it down! He is now repairing and rebuilding the altars.

(10:10) I encourage you, the leadership of the Gate. The LORD has chosen you because you have been faithful. Because you have been faithful in the little, I will make you faithful with much. And I saw the nations coming to the altar. I saw revival, I saw the outpouring, and I saw the fires fall. Thank you, Jesus!



(10:40) Prayer: “Father, we thank you for your word. We thank you for what you are doing in this nation at this time, in this season. We thank you LORD that you are releasing apostolic grace to rebuild the altars, and that you are releasing prophetic grace, and prophetic mantles to speak to the wells of revival and outpouring in this land.



(11:20) “So Father, we say, here we are! Thank you, Jesus for what you are doing in this land. You are bringing together the five-fold ministry, and you are bringing Reformation, Restoration and Transformation in this nation. You are not just rebuilding the altars, you are tearing down every demonic stronghold in this nation. You are overthrowing thrones of darkness that have been long established in this nation. We humble ourselves as apostles, prophets and shepherds, teachers and evangelists, and we come together LORD as one to turn the key, to see you do a great and an awesome thing in this land.”

Blessings to you all.




By Veronika West





Veronika West

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Thank you for this! You might enjoy my take on the whole 'Christmas' story, not born on Dec 25th etc,

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Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

16.03 | 15:20

I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

11.01 | 20:32

this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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