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By Ron McGatlin



Shortly after 2 AM Sunday morning October 23, 2022, I awoke from a dream from God that became a vision as I awakened.


In the dream, I saw a woman in a car filled with young children. The car was parked by what appeared to be a homemade travel trailer also filled with children.


There were no signs of stress but this seemed such an unusual situation that I felt the need to check to see if there was a need for help. As I asked if everything was okay, it was apparent that the children were all alert and happy. With a happy smile, she replied, “Oh Yes! Things are really good!”


I said, “You sure have a bunch of happy kids. Are they part of a group or something?”


She said, “These are the children that God has given to us. They are the children that nobody wanted.”


The dream moved to another location in a very rural type area. I saw another woman walking with over a dozen or maybe 20 children. They were walking by a stream and I could see one goose walking with them, but I felt there was probably more. The children ranged in age from maybe 3 or 4 years old up to perhaps 9 or 10 years old.


I remarked about the happy children with her. She replied, “Yes, these are the children that God has given to us. They are the children that nobody wanted.” That was the same thing the first lady had said.



The dream again changed and I saw a family with a father and mother and a dozen or more children with a tiny baby and two are three toddlers and others ranging in age up to about 10 or maybe 12 years old. They were all as one family though obviously not all natural children of the couple.


They were eating supper in a room just large enough for a large table and a couple of small tables. Though several tables were used they were one close group with conversation mostly common to all and not many conversations at one time.


Especially, as daddy, but also others, would speak about current happenings or experiences of the day everyone listened, for the most part.



Then I saw that there were similar houses built in sort of a small village with vegetable gardens and farm animals amongst them and farmed land around them on one side and wooded land with a flowing stream nearby on the other side.


My heart was moved as the vision ended and I pondered the dream and vision. God told me that the unwanted children were His and that He wanted them. God wants them to know His love and a real family life of loving care. These children are to become a kingdom generation of sons and daughters of God to serve as kings and priests in His kingdom on earth.


As I began to further awaken to the day at hand, I realized that elections were being held and early voting had started. The pre-election rhetoric has been highly charged with the issue of abortion. Massive abortions in America over the past decades have killed over 60 million babies as of the last count that I heard several years ago. These elections could have much to do with maintaining the recent Supreme Court decision to stop or limit the abortion slaughter of millions of babies.


There are already unwanted children in America. There very well may be many more as the laws change, if people do not change the lifestyle that produces unwanted pregnancies.



I believe that God is calling His people to move now to establish families and family groups to receive precious unwanted babies and children into godly family life.


Churches and Christians would do well to do all within their reach to help and assist families to independently come together in groups to form living situations for family living in homestead or farm-style living to receive unwanted babies and children into God’s loving families.


Young men and women can be led of God to move in this direction as they prepare for marriage and family life.


Personally, I believe that there are already many true mature sons and daughters of God that are strongly sensing or feeling a desire to move in this direction.


Psalm 68:5-6:
“A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows,
Is God in His holy habitation.
God sets the solitary in families;
He brings out those who are bound into prosperity;
But the rebellious dwell in a dry land.”




Godly homes for children can be in an urban or suburban situation. However, there will need to be both a father and mother in the home. There will also need to be either a home business or job in which older children can participate at some level, Also, at least one parent should be full time in caring for and training the children all day every day.


This may mean for many that there must be assistance financially from other people or groups to provide for the family. This is the way that prosperous believers and groups can be very valuable in serving God. Rather than expensive church buildings and elaborate lifestyles, there can be truly a fruitful use of the money to fund God’s previously unwanted children in loving complete families.


Homestead or farm-style living naturally provides many of these important needs such as family at home and ways for the children to participate as they grow. However, urban and suburban families with a large number of children may need financial assistance from God’s loving people.




God is family. God is Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Bride/Wife/Mother from heaven and on earth.  His kingdom is a functioning family structure that is held together by God’s love life of oneness in and with mankind on earth and in heaven.


Family is the kingdom order of governance in every aspect of life on earth or in heaven. There is only one real order of collective group order or management that always functions effectively and efficiently and that is God’s order of Family.


Father God is always the Spirit source of all life and true governance of life in all of creation. God’s love is the primary substance that structures and holds together all governance in creation.




God’s kingdom family order on earth begins with God in heaven flowing love by the Holy Spirit into a husband/father on earth.


The love of God in a man on earth flows in marriage to his Bride, wife. The love of God in the wife is reflected back to the husband as respect and honor.


The intimate union of the two produces children that grow up in the nurture and admonition of the love of God flowing from heaven through their father and mother which forms their character as children of God.


Natural biological chemistry in a young man and woman of God guided by the Spirit and Word of God, which is Christ in them, will passionately bring the man and woman together to become a family of God.


The natural chemistry in a natural person without the Spirit and Word in them can bring about unwanted pregnancies which produces unwanted children and much difficulty and heartache.




The same family order that functions in heaven and in godly families on earth is the pattern for the structure and function of all ministry, business, and governmental structures and organizations.




By Ron McGatlin


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08.09 | 23:52

Thank you for this! You might enjoy my take on the whole 'Christmas' story, not born on Dec 25th etc,

17.03 | 00:11

Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

16.03 | 15:20

I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

11.01 | 20:32

this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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