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J Leland Earls



Being sealed by God. 



 "This is the day of my sealing says the Lord. For even now have I sealed you for this day. Listen closely to that which I say to you, for this is that which I would have you know.



Those whom I have sealed, says the Lord, are to become my seal of authority to the people. To be sealed is to come into a realm of authority that is not known by the average Christian, yes, not even by those sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise. 



For those I seal shall be used of me to speak my words with power and authority, even as the words that fell from the lips of the Son of God, for Him had the Father seal­ed. (John 6:27). 



I say to you, you shall be used to speak forth my words with the stamp of my authority, and that word shall be confirmed by my power, says the Lord.



Would you be used of me in this day, says God? 



Then seek me with all your heart and soul and being. Give your­self unreservedly to me, for those I use in this end time shall without fail give themselves to me and to me only, that they may gain that realm of service and glory to their God where nothing matters but the consuming desire to be one with their God on the altar of sacrifice, that they may be a sweet smelling savor to Him in this day.



 There must be no com­promise and no delay for those who would hear His voice and be sealed for an end-time ministry to their God. For even now this sealing progresses and soon its first phase will be consummated; then shall fury break forth on the earth. 



But those whom I have sealed shall speak forth my word with authority and power, and I will confirm that word, says the Lord.


We now come to the second factor that is involved in this sealing; an absolute protection by their God. 

Those who are sealed cannot in any way be destroyed or harmed by the enemy, for I will put a wall of fire about them, and that which comes against them shall be consumed, says the Lord. 



For is it not written that nothing shall harm those that are sealed? (Ezek. 9:6). 



Yes, truly, I will protect them and keep them from all the power of the enemy. 



Only that which has been decreed beforehand shall be done to them, and only that portion which they have willingly agreed to shall be theirs. For I am not a God that does lie or that does not keep that which I promise; For what I promise, that will I do.



For those who have agreed, there shall come a time of decision as to what path they shall take, and they can determine whether to give themselves in life or in death. 



If they choose the latter way, then they shall be placed in my hand to do with as I will; and even as the Son of God who went before and set the pattern, so shall they be re­quired to lay down their lives for my sake. 



But this shall not be a matter of compulsion, but of a voluntary sacrifice, even that sacrifice of my saints which has been ordained for this hour. For even as the Son of God laid down His life, so must they lay down their lives for their brethren. 



This is that which is spoken of in Revelation 6:11, where it says that those who have gone on are waiting for their brethren who shall be killed for the sake of the gospel. 



Therefore I say to you, some of those who are sealed and are under the absolute protection of their God shall lay down their lives, even as Isaac (in type) laid down his life and was re­ceived from the dead. 



For they are the 'sons of promise' in a special way, who shall inherit a more excellent name even as the Son of God inherited a more excellent name than His brethren (Heb. 1:4). They shall also receive a more excell­ent position in the kingdom of God because they have laid down their lives.



Not all who are sealed shall lay down their lives. 



For there are those who shall be taken without the experience of death, even the firstfruits who shall be taken out (Rev. 14:1-5). 



(These are the 144 000 FIRSTFRUITS glorified bridal sons and daughters who will operate through the mountaintop aspect and administration of the kingdom of God according to Daniel 2, through which the dragon shall be punished and his kingdom shall be crushed. This is the manchild of Revelation 12 that shall be Spiritually glorified and caught up into oneness with Christ and they shall operate through the fullness of the Deity as the wheel within a wheel. We are the coming kingdom, the stone that shall strike the foundation of the Babylonian kingdom of Satan  -  see Isaiah 13. These are the ones in Malachi 3 that were cleansed and purged by fire who goes forth from the burning Presence of Yahweh to trample the wicked like ashes under their feat which coincides with the threshing bride of Micah 4 - Pieter Kirstein)



They shall also inherit a more excellent name because they have been willing to be prepared ahead of time and have lived a life of holiness and separation unto me, and have not contaminated themselves with the harlot systems of this world. 



Even so have they kept themselves pure to me. So shall they be taken without having to lay down their lives in death, for yes, truly they were willing to lay down their lives in life and make with me a covenant of sacrifice (Psalm 50:5), even a living sacrifice to me. Therefore they shall be taken and receive a name above all others, says the Lord.



Those who have failed to make this kind of a living sacrifice, if they desire the greater glory of the martyr's crown, shall be required in this last day to make that greater sacrifice of laying down their physical lives for the sake of the gospel, even as the martyrs of old. 



For they have not been willing to make the kind of living sacrifice necessary for me to keep them from all the defilements of this world, that I might take them to myself before that great day of tribulation comes. Those I take shall be to me in the hea­vens a helpmeet in the time of trouble and I will use them mightily for my glory says the Lord.



Others shall be sealed during the time of great tribula­tion, even as some are being sealed now. For first come the firstfruits who shall be sealed and taken to me before the tribulation. I say to you, that many of these have been sealed already and even now are anticipating my call to them. 



Secondly, there are those being sealed now who shall wear the martyr's crown. If they are willing, they shall lay down their lives for the sake of the gospel in the tribulation impending. Others are now being sealed who will not aspire to the glory of the martyr's crown, but shall indeed be used mightily by me in the days ahead, says the Lord. 



These, along with that great company which shall be sealed during the tribulation, shall be received to me in my kingdom at the close of the tribulation. But I say to you, those who are being sealed before the tribulation, and who are willing now to give themselves wholly to me; these, I say, shall have a greater crown of glory than those who are sealed dur­ing the tribulation. 



For they have been willing to be pre­pared ahead of time, even before the hour of trial impels all men to make their choice (Rev. 3:10). 



So now is the time, my son, to lay down yourself on my altar as a living sacrifice, that though you art not among those (the firstfruits) to be taken ahead of time, you shall receive a crown of glory that shall shine as the stars in their brilliance.



Concerning those who shall be sealed during the time of tribulation, they too shall have a choice placed before them. Those who as­pire to the glory of the martyr's crown shall have an oppor­tunity to lay down their lives for the gospel's sake. 



I say, this is a voluntary choice. For my seal of protection shall be upon them. But they shall choose whether to give them­selves in life or in death, and thus in giving themselves, so shall be their lot and glory in the coming kingdom.



Now I say to you, except for the firstfruits which are taken out, those who have laid down their lives in death shall be received into glory first, even as the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11:12. They shall be the first to meet with their Lord and receive the crown of glory awaiting them. 



Then shall a great host of living ones follow them shortly and be translated without seeing death (I Cor. 15:51-54, I Thess. 4:16-17); and so shall they ever be with the Lord to fill their place in the kingdom according to that which they have chosen, says the Lord.



Now we come to the third factor in the sealing. It is even a sealing of the Lord's provision for the hour of trial. For the Lord will provide that which is needed, whether phy­sical or spiritual. The sealing provides for the abundant re­sources of your God to accomplish that which He has commis­sioned the sealed ones to do. 



Even now you shall look to the Lord to provide all your needs and you shall not fear says the Lord. 



Did I not feed my people in the wilderness, and am I not the same God today? 



And did I not feed my servant Elijah by the ravens when there was drought in all the land?



 Even so shall I provide for you out of the abundance of my resources says God who is your Keeper. Therefore trust me and know for sure that I will keep you and provide for you in that day.



Now we shall consider the final factor in the sealing. It is even that which I have spoken to you before. 

It is the very presence and fellowship of your God to walk and talk with you as I did with Adam in the beginning. 



For those I seal shall know my voice and I will commune with them and talk with them, and they shall know that it is I, the Lord, that does speak to them. 



And if they shall obey my voice and hear that which I speak to them, so shall I continue to speak to them and bring them understanding. Even so shall I control their minds and thoughts as they yield themselves to me in perfect obedience, says the Lord.”



By J Leland Earls









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08.09 | 23:52

Thank you for this! You might enjoy my take on the whole 'Christmas' story, not born on Dec 25th etc,

17.03 | 00:11

Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

16.03 | 15:20

I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

11.01 | 20:32

this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.

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