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The Lord Showed Me Something to Share

By Kathy Mote



The Lord showed me something and told me to share. There are many who are about to see release in their lives on an epic level, but don't see it yet. What they see almost breaks their hearts. But the Lord has been unraveling all that stands in His way, knocking things down one by one. He is bringing those He loves to the brink of complete deliverance, and it will bring complete peace to them. This is not something they have to accomplish. He is not waiting for them to have enough faith. This is not contingent upon what they can believe for. It is far too big. What they can do is trust Him, and love Him back every moment of their life. His love for them will become evident, and just like that, their trial by fire will be over, bringing great delight.



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In Your Trial By Fire

By Kathy Mote



In your trial by fire, before your release, the Lord taught your heart to wait on Him. Before you saw the end of the test that tried your heart, He taught you to stand and walk with Him. Before you learned to trust Him with your life, you didn't know your life comes from Him. Your freedom, your strength, your wisdom and your dignity are all gifts from Him.


The tests that try your heart give your heart wisdom and make your heart fearless. As you are being tried, you learn to abide in the patience of one who sees and trusts the Lord who provides rather than focusing on your need. In other words, you learn the skill to survive. You develop the heart posture that stands continually before Him. That's walking in His Spirit, and it's how you overcome. The more difficult the trial, the more critical the threat of consequence, the deeper your desire to remain with Him becomes.


The wisdom that trials will teach you is that He is the source of your freedom, your safety and your peace. The strength He develops in you enables you to flow in trust, and this keeps you in step with His will. You give Him your heart and trust Him with your life and His answer is to be powerfully present to change both.


Seeing His answer to your trust melds your heart to Him for all time. The wise, the calm, and the unflappably mature who have unruffled feathers all learned that when you trust Him, that makes two who know all things are in His hands. There's something more going on in this life than seeing how your trials come to an end. We are learning that when we leave here, we will remain with Him. He is raising up His children, and where His children are concerned, He leaves nothing to chance.








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When You Take Credit

By Kathy Mote



When you take the credit for what He does on Earth, you give up your reward in Heaven. Your reward in Heaven, as I understand it, is His acceptance of you, which is based on your acceptance of Him as LORD, knowing everything is in His hands.








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A Holy War

By Gail Manizak



Such a battle at times, but the battle is the LORD’s.


Unfortunately we feel it many times.  As I was in a battle for a couple days n nights, I began to walk up my stairs this morning to start my day, with His Name on my lips, and the Dove of Heaven landed on me.


Some might not believe that, but He lands on you too, your eyes must be open.  Holy Spirit we thank you!


Oh LORD, we wait for your instruction.  We follow Your still small voice…….. Father.


The sound of many waters full of truth and majesty, power and dominion, You are God and beside you there is no other.  Hallelujah.


I see The LORD High and Lifted up, seated on a throne and His train filled the Temple.  I see The LORD as He breathes on Illinois once again.


The Breath of God, Holy, Divine and Pure.  Breathing, Love and Fire upon His people, lighting the fire, churches opening the doors to Him once again, because of His great love for them.


Eyes of the people being opened once again, hearing becoming acutely clear, the voice of the Father is whispering…..


Churches undone, seeking the One, who loved them before they knew Him.  Jesus says, “Come, little ones, come!  You need not fear.”


The LORD says, “I AM invading cities, because they are calling to Me.  I AM healing the sick, because they asked of Me.


I AM saving whole households, because they believe Me.  I AM lifting those who are cast down in body, mind and soul, refreshing, cleansing, filling…. and they shall live and serve me.


For those who have not known Me, I AM opening their eyes and ears, and they will know Me as I have known them, because I leave the 99 to reach the one.


I say choose life little ones, choose life once again.”


Atmospheres are changing, a Holy War at hand.  Look up and see The Salvation of The LORD!


Amen and Amen!




By Gail Manizak


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The Content Of Your Calling

By Thomas Downes

(2 words in one)




Prophetic Worship


In regard to prophetic worship. many times I have asked The LORD, “LORD, what do you want to hear from me; or hear from us?”


When you hear what He wants from you it takes on a whole different dimension of flowing in the rhythm He gives you.


You have allowed Holy Spirit to have control of your desire to worship The LORD.


Humble yourself in the sight of The LORD and He will lift you up…


The Content Of Your Calling


The Testimony of The LORD is sure.


Your testimony in The LORD is sure.  The testimony of your calling in The LORD is sure.


He Who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.  Therefor, be fully persuaded that what God has promised, He is able also to perform.


You will overcome by The Blood of the Lamb, and the Word of your testimony.  Therefor, with joy will you draw water from the wells of Salvation.


The boundaries of your walk are being expanded far beyond what you thought your boundaries were. The content of your calling includes far more expansive comprehension within your mind than you could have ever known on a daily basis.


Every day you are walking from glory, to glory; from the comprehension of the Word That Is Sent, Rhema, to the fulfillment of the vision that the Rhema Word foretold you about.


Now do not throw away your confidence in The LORD, for there is great recompense and fulfillment in The LORD’s ability to lead you to the reward.


Your old ways of doing things will not be effective any longer.  You have need of being patient in waiting upon The LORD so that you, having spent time in His Presence for the renewing of your mind, will receive the promise.


The vision will not tarry, therefor wait upon The LORD for it.  The Love of God will be shed abroad in your heart by the Spirit of The LORD as He leads you along the path of righteousness for His Name’s sake.


He is faithful Who promised, and He will do it.  For without faith it is impossible to please Him. For he who comes to God must believe that He is God, and that He is the rewarder unto those who diligently seek Him.




By Thomas Downes



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My Promises are Sweet to the Taste and Not Bitter

By June Sheltrown Reinke



“My promises are sweet,” says The LORD.


“They will be palatable and desirable as you taste and see that they are GOOD!  Nothing that I have for you is bitter and you will not vomit the bread of My WORD that will only nurture you, cause you to grow, heal and deliver you and empower you.


“For My promises are not just a potential, but an assurance of what I will do for you, if you will embrace them by simple, child-like faith in Me.


“That is what will please Me and activate everything that I have purposed and planned for your life and destiny, according to My Word,” says The LORD.


“You will not be empty, but full, for I AM El Shaddai, MORE than enough for you,” says The LORD.


“You never need to beg Me for anything.  JUST ASK, believe, wait for ME to act, and receive.  It is just that simple for you.


“For you do not have to study about the faith that I have given you, but just use it as you come to Me as a little child.  It is not complicated and there is NOTHING to figure out.


“I did not make it impossible for you to receive what I have prepared for you, but easy.  Trust in Me and Know that I AM your source.


“I want you to have My blessings and I want you to receive all that I have prepared for you.  Just embrace My promises and KNOW that I will never go back on My WORD, and you will have everything that you need, always,” says The LORD.




By June Sheltrown Reinke







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By Mary Lindow



“Self-help” is full of catchy phrases and sayings, and a lot of them are more cute than useful, but this one is a keeper.


Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired:  H.A.L.T.


When you feel irritated or anxious, one — or more — of those four conditions ➡️ Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired ⬅️ is likely at work.


And, if not noticed and tended to, they can lead you to very bad places: explosions at others, self-destructive acts, relapses into addictions.


The genius of “HALT” is that it reminds us of several things at the same time:


✅  To halt before we act out, and talk to God about what is the underlying things that trigger our bad behaviors and choices.


✅  To tend to our physical and emotional well-being — not just go running around on fumes without eating and sleeping.


✅  That these feelings have a very short life cycle, and once we see them for what they are and let go of our attachment to them, they lose their power over us.


Hungry Angry Lonely Tired

Are you anxious or irritated?


Are you beginning to attack someone or lose control?


Are you feeling hopeless, or like giving up and returning to an addiction?


HALT! Pause — especially if there is an escalating situation.  Take a deep breath or count to ten.


🛑  HUNGRY:  Did you eat at the last regular mealtime?  Or did you skip it?


🛑  ANGRY:  Is your judgment clouded by anger right now?


🛑  LONELY:  Are you feeling disconnected from other people, whether alone or in a group, but without making an effort to connect?


🛑  TIRED:  Did you get enough sleep last night? Many people are so unaccustomed to what enough sleep feels like that this may be new territory.


If you identified one of these problem areas, if possible address it.

Eat, nap, calm down, or focus on really actually engaging with people or helping someone else.


If you identified a problem area, but can’t address it right now, acknowledge that you are feeling this way and that you let yourself get into an bad state.


The common issue with Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired is that they take us away from conscious contact with God, which is our natural state.


They kick up fear — either an obvious survival fear or a subtle fear that we’re not going to be OK down the road.


Fear, as I see it, is not a thing of itself; fear is the absence of God.


Fear, in essence, means you’re not trusting that things are as they’re meant to be; you’re not trusting God’s plan.


If you are accepting Reality — God’s plan — wholeheartedly, then you are not going to let fear of anything take control of the day.


If harm threatens you, you respond appropriately but have no reason to fear.


Don’t get me wrong; I experience fear.


Everyone experiences fear.


I’m just saying that when I do, I’ve got to be diligent to not fall away from trusting God, even if only for a moment!


“In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and he answered by setting me free.  The LORD is with me;

I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”   Psalm 118:5-6.




In His Shadow,

~ Mary Lindow ©




” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow





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The Nicolaitans: Then and Today

By AKP Administration



An excerpt from the book:

“Come With Me Through Revelation”

By David Pawson

Pages 56-57.



“…. I am sure you have heard of Balaam’s ass that spoke.  Balaam himself was an ‘ass’ in what he did not say.


If you know the story of Balaam you will know that he was called upon by Balak, king of Moab, who was against Israel, to prophesy a curse of God upon Israel to help him to win a battle, offering him a lot of money to do so.


Balaam tried, but he could not get the words out. Balak tried again through emissaries, and Balaam said, ‘Even if Balak gave me his palace filled with silver and gold, I could not do anything great or small to go beyond the command of the LORD my God.’


But Israel suffered a defeat in another way.  The Moabite women began to attract the men of Israel, the people of God married pagans, and they began to get interested in the religion of the women; they lowered their behaviour sexually, and Israel lost the war with Moab.


The lesson to be learned from all this is that a frontal attack of Satan can usually be beaten off because you recognise it, but Satan comes around another way, and he will if possible get you into a personal relationship in which you must lower your standards of belief and behaviour.


That is what happened here in Pergamurn.  They had faced dying for the faith and they still talked about Jesus — but they were beginning to eat idol meat, and they were fornicating.


In other words, their standards of belief and behaviour were going down steadily.  They were going down because of a group of people called the Nicolaitans, whose teaching could be summed up quite simply like this:


we must not be narrow-minded,

we must not be puritanical,

we must not catch the disease of religious mania or scruples;

we must not lose our relationships with the world or our reputation because we want to win them;

we can have mental reservations but the thing is to go as far as we can in a worldly direction to win the world for Christ.


That was their teaching, and the result was that Christians, while they still talked about Jesus, became mixed up with idol worship, and with lower moral standards, and the church at Pergamum was going down.


I think this is relevant to us if the letter to Smyrna is not.


We are living in a pagan Britain.


Just go and look at any bookstall or study the posters on any tube train, and you do not need any further persuading.


It is Pergamum all over again.


I recall taking part in one television programme in Manchester and found that although they had invited me there to talk about the Christian faith, they had invited witches, astrologers, spiritists, humanists, agnostics, atheists, who had not got the first clue about the Christian faith, and this is the kind of pagan mixture that we find ourselves in now in this country of ours.


Not only is idolatry coming back in the form of magic, occultism, spiritism and magazines that dabble in all kinds of things, but the standards of behaviour are clearly going down.


If Satan does not get us by martyring us he could get us this way, by Christians anxious to keep as near to the world as possible and therefore gradually lowering their standards; by the people of God marrying those who do not belong to God and hard though it is to say it, it were better to remain unmarried than to get unequally yoked to a person who does not belong to Jesus.


This is how the church in Britain could get into Satan’s hands in the immediate future not by Satan killing us all, not by the Prime Minister sending us all to the Colosseum or its equivalent, but by an infiltration of mixed beliefs and mixed behaviour leading us into the kind of relationship where we must lower our standards.


Already, I think, most of us who are Christians today do things that would horrify our grandfathers, and we must face the fact that although we think they were old-fashioned, and although we dismiss them as narrow-minded, many of them had a clearer grasp of Christian belief and behaviour than we have.


Jesus had a very strong message: He commanded repentance.”


(click image of book to get to book)





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Radically Obedience — Fully Dependent?

By Veronika West



“Fear not!  For I AM in your “what-NOWs and where-TOs”… In the days ahead,” says God.


That’s what I heard The Spirit say early this morning!


I believe prophetically, God is teaching us in this hour and season what it is to be radically obedience and fully dependent upon Him in the days ahead…!


The Holy Spirit quickened Mark 6:7,


“Sending them out saying, “Take nothing for the journey except a staff — no bread, no bag, no money in your belts. Wear sandals but not an extra shirt”!


His rod/ staff; speaks of God’s Kingdom Authority.  He calls us to advance, to go forth with his authority to uproot, to tear down, to build up, to plant and establish His Kingdom purposes in the earth.


The sandals speak to The Shoes of Peace!


I hear The Spirit say, “Beloved fear not!  I call you in this hour to a new and radical level and dimension of obedience and dependency upon My Spirit.


But listen for this day I send you out to tear down, uproot, build and plant, not by might nor by power, but in My Kingdom Authority and Peace…..”




Blessings to you all.

By Veronika West



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Resisting the Changing of the Guard

By Christine Beadsworth



Dan 2:21  He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding!


Over the last few weeks, the Spirit began speaking to me about the Elisha chapter as opposed to Elijah's era. Jesus Himself said that John was 'the Elijah to come' in Matthew 11:14. So if that scripture has already been fulfilled, what comes next? Does Malachi 4 not apply to us? Of course it does, because the day that burns like an oven is not only on our doorstep but burning up the 'Welcome' mat! There is appointed a season of judgment on wickedness wherever it finds itself, but this time it is not by water, but by fire - the holy fire of the Lord's righteous anger. So, correspondingly, after the single portion mantle of the Spirit of Elijah, next is the double portion prophetic generation; the Elisha's. They have a different timbre to their sound, a different tone, completely different DNA and assignments - and a double portion of mighty prophetic power to deal with idolatry, a mocking spirit, death assignments and uncleanness in the land.


They are also season-changers. It was Elisha who released the anointing for Jehu to be made king and this king brought down Jezebel. Permanently. He didn't just tiptoe around the edges of her corrupt banquet table, wondering who to speak to. He executed the judgments decreed by Heaven. It was Elisha who walked in the time of the fulfillment of what Elijah prophesied.


You can read all about the process of the changing of the guard in 2 Kings 2. Elisha receives the double portion mantle. It is exactly what he requested. He doesn't just want the power and anointing of the last season. He is hungry for a double portion. A single portion of this mantle didn't cut it in the battle with Jezebel. She was still making men eunuchs when Elijah and Elisha crossed the Jordan for the changing of the guard ceremony. Elisha knew a greater anointing than Elijah's was necessary to walk through the next season of God. He also knew that two men would be 'dying' in that wilderness. Not only was Elijah removed from the prophetic arena, but Elisha tore his own mantle in half. This rendered it unwearable. The old Elisha was dead. That mantle of servanthood to man, albeit a great prophet of the Lord, was null and void. Kaput. That season was over. Elisha knew that he couldn't have what he asked for and continue to walk in his old identity. The day of the double portion anointing investiture is the day of death to all the old chapter holds. So he kills the old Elisha and takes up the double portion mantle - all this transacting occurring away from the eyes of the current prophetic arena, in the wilderness that would birth many prophets in successive generations.


He cuts a path through the Jordan in the sight of the sons of the prophets, expecting them to embrace the fact that the guard has changed, a new season has begun. But sons of the prophets want Elijah, they want the Tishbite, they want the DNA of the message they have heard for years, recognize and respect; they want the man of God whose behaviour they can very likely predict, the one they have eaten and drunk with while Elisha was busy with menial tasks. They want the man of power for the hour that has already passed by. They don't want the new wine. The old wine is better. They want Elijah.


Even though he may possibly be dead, they want his body. They don't want a servant from a previous season wearing a mantle they last saw on another prophet. They don't know there is a double portion of power imbued in its framework. They just look on the outward appearance. "You are the servant of a prophet. WE are the sons of the prophets. Don't think you are going to elevate yourself to a higher position. WE know who is really anointed. WE don't want to listen to your voice, your sound. WE want Elijah, even if we have to raise him from the dead". So Elisha has to wait 3 days while they traverse the countryside looking for the prophet they knew and idolised. Only after 3 days, do they finally admit, the changing of the guard has really happened. Elijah will never speak for God again.


And what is Elisha doing in those 3 days? He is waiting on man to get into sync with the timing of God. He knows he was anointed for this task long ago when Elijah called him to follow. So while they scrabble over the hillsides searching frantically for evidence that the status quo remains, Elisha is probably listening quietly to the Spirit's instruction for 3 whole watches of waiting for the moment of release. They themselves had prophesied that Elijah was going home and yet they can't embrace the reality of the manifestation of what they had spoken by the Spirit of God with their own mouths days before. Meanwhile Elisha is sitting there wearing that double portion mantle, without recognition of man or anyone taking notice of what he says or what he saw with his own eyes. The sons of the prophets are convinced he misunderstood what was happening when he saw Elijah being taken up. It couldn't possibly be the end of that prophetic season...


But it was. Elijah had run his race and completed his assignment. He knew it. Elisha knew it. The changing of the guard had taken place. Without them being witnesses to its process. The wilderness transactions of heaven are private. Other men do not understand them, but when those picking up the baton finally step up to their first appointment in the morning watch of a new day in God's prophetic calendar, the authenticity of their message and the power released through their obedience, testifies that God is working with them and affirming they are His appointed servants.


There are many Elisha's waiting quietly in the wings, anointed and appointed by Heaven, but the modern prophetic generation, the sons of the prophets are still out seeking Elijah. Where the corpse is, there the eagles are desperately trying to gather... Only problem is, there is no corpse!! God knew they would build a shrine and start worshipping the tomb of Elijah if He left his body on earth, but it is actually Elisha's bones that hold within them such a download of resurrection power that when a dead man connects with his bones many years later, he is resurrected. You see, people can't see your bones, they can't see your saturation level. They can't see the huge transference of the atmosphere of heaven that has permeated your vessel because you sat in His presence for years in obscurity.


They can only see the outward appearance, the mantle they recognize as someone else's, and outwardly, it still looks exactly like it did when Elijah wore it. That mantle didn't glow with a green light when Elisha put it on. The kingdom of heaven is within you, remember. You die daily that the resurrection life of Jesus may be experienced in others. And the Elisha company have already gone through the process of dying to their old identities in private on the other side of the Jordan. They know that dead men walk. But in the eyes of the sons of the prophets, Elisha was only good to polish Elijah's shoes or wash his feet and re-fasten his sandals. "There aint no way, that servant boy is gonna show up and claim our man Elijah gave him that mantle. That boy done stole it, I reckon!"


John the Baptist spent his whole life 'til age 30 in private Holy Spirit tutelage. He was a refugee from the wrath of men that came to kill his father Zechariah between the sanctuary and the altar (Matt 23:35). People probably assumed John died as a child in the wilderness because he didn't show up to one church meeting. His name wasn't on the Sunday School register as a regular attendee. How could he know anything about spiritual things? Yet God used him to change a season over the people of God and prepare the way for the Man Who walked in the fullness of the stature of God made flesh.


Paul was a little man with a hooked nose, no Mr. Universe in the looks department, but when he emerged from His desert-imbuing (which took 3 years, by the way... ~ Gal 1:15-18), the existing church initially didn't place much store by him. They knew his old identity, his old mantle, that of a persecutor of the church. They didn't know that mantle had been torn in two and laid aside and the mantle Paul wore now was that endowed him by Heaven. He was ordained and called far away from the eyes of man. No pulpit released him into his apostolic ministry. He had no track record of great meetings in the local church, no trace of the required 'pedigree' that most modern churches require from servants of God before they release their pulpits to them. Trained by the Spirit of Truth in the wilderness?... that can't possibly be an authentic badge of qualification!


Oh, wait..... Didn't John the Baptist go to the same wilderness 'Bible School'? Didn't Elijah vanish into obscurity for 3 years before emerging to challenge the prophets of Baal to a duel? Oh, so you mean God can ordain someone??? "Really? Someone we haven't put through the usual hoops of training in the church system? Well, that just doesn't fit into our training model. We don't endorse lone rangers!"  That's a pity, because God has a track record of doing just that! And with profound success, I might add.... Especially when He is changing the guard in Kingdom purposes; and most particularly, when a new season or era in His plan is at hand. He loves using those which the religious system considers nobodies to release a sound that heralds a new chapter. And the Bride of Christ need a new royal guard.


It's no surprise that when the changing of the guard ceremony happens at Buckingham palace, the new guard has a different official song to the old guard. Perhaps God gets tired of hearing the same old song week after week, year after year?.... He loves to release fresh DNA, a new sound straight out of Heaven's recording studio to sound forth over a new planting season in the earth. After all, He has a whole handful of godly seed to scatter; those who have privately laid down their lives in the inner chamber and said, "Here I am, Lord, send me!"


But no, if you are not part of the good old boys club, you don't get to open your mouth and deliver the message God gave you in any acclaimed public arena. "I mean, really! Who do you think you are anyway? Do you have a ministry card? A website? How many people watch your YouTube channel? Oh, you don't have one? ... Sorry, fella, then it's highly unlikely that God has sent you. If He had, we would discern it! He would have told us you were coming. We would have seen you in a vision."... No wonder God saw it was time to change the guard!


As I said in another post concerning 2020, the church at large is going to be mighty surprised at who gets removed and who gets raised up in this changing of the guard. And predictably, no-one will love the new wine at first. They definitely think the old wine is better. A good percentage of 'those in the know' in church circles will resist the changing of the guard. And the issue is really about control. Who wants to welcome somebody who doesn't walk in the fear of man, who won't stick to the topic you told him to preach on, who won't endorse their flesh-filled doctrine. No wonder John the Baptist chose to have open-air services.


No wonder Elijah didn't call the prophets of Baal to task in the temple of the day... those priests would have bundled him off the stage long before his closing prayer. Under an open heaven, that's a great place for a meeting with the power of Heaven. One on one, that's how Jehu took Jezebel down. Face to face in her own breeding ground, with her eunuchs looking on and silently cheering in their hearts that there had been a changing of the guard amongst the ranks of anointed rulers.


Ki 19:16  And anoint Jehu son of Nimshi to be king over Israel, and anoint Elisha son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah to be prophet in your place.


Those anointings have already taken place, remnant of God. That chapter is not coming, it is here. The Jehu's are already preparing to fulfil God's first assignment.  Jehu received his military orders straight from Heaven in the inner room. They weren't broadcast on CNN. And he understands why he has to do what he is called to do.(2 Kings 9) And he is about to ride 'furiously' to carry them out.


The Hebrew word for 'bread' also means 'war'. We have been a House of Bread for a very long season. We have munched and munched - on some good and some very mouldy bread. But now the season has changed. We are to become a House of war. Read psalm 45, the wedding psalm. Heaven is riding to war against unrighteousness and wickedness. For too long, wicked men have tried to call good evil and evil good - in the Church! That's where judgement starts, people of God. Tremble, earth, God has arisen from His holy habitation.


Psa 45:3  Gird Your sword upon Your thigh, O mighty One, in Your glory and Your majesty! Psa 45:4  And in Your majesty ride on triumphantly for the cause of truth, humility, and righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God); and let Your right hand guide You to tremendous things.



Elisha came forth from the loins of man whose name means 'judge'. It is time for the rollout of God's decreed judgements. The Elisha company has already torn their own mantles in two in the wilderness. They have died to their old identities. They know they are appointed as part of the new guard to surround and protect the Bride of Christ with their words of Truth. They know they will cause a sifting amongst the sons of the prophets. They realise they will trigger the release of newly anointed kings who ride to war against principalities ruling and emasculating the people of God. And as a result of their obedience to Heaven, the people of God will walk in the fulfilment of the prophecies given to the Elijah prophets in the last season of the guard.


Don't be found amongst those who resist the changing of the guard. These bondservants of Heaven are carrying out God's blueprint for the rollout of Kingdom purposes. And Jezebel's eunuchs in church circles are going to participate in her casting down.



Christine Beadsworth




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You Are Not Running Out Of Money

By Russ Walden




The Father says today, you are not running out of money. You are not worried about money - money is worried about you. Money is lying awake at night, wringing its hands, concerned that there is not enough money to meet the demand of your faith. What you have dreamed is not greed, it's God, it's me causing you to see yourself differently in your station of life than that which you have experienced. The increase is yours. Promotion is yours. I will pour out upon you the financial benefits that you don't even have a bank account configured to receive. The curse of poverty is broken, and the bounty of the heavens is coming.


I break poverty in your life this day, says God. You will not be a God-robber; you will partner with Me, and I will cause money to move by the Spirit every time you work with your accounts; every time you reach into your wallet or your purse. You are not bound by the economy of man, for you are now transacting by your faith in the economy of the kingdom. The kingdom is not limited; therefore, you are not limited. Your dreams will be monetized, and all your debts will be forgiven, and all your projects will be capitalized because you have partnered with Me in the initiatives of My kingdom.


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By Glenn H. Jackson



 "Reflections Upon Reflections" [of The Father's Heart]


         ...."You, in Your great compassion, did not forsake them in the wilderness; The pillar of cloud did not leave them by day, to guide them on their way, or the pillar of fire by night, to light for them the way in which they were to go".... Nehemiah 9:19 NASB 





Words of Prophecy  


*       The sole motivation for every child of God should be this one thing: to love Me -  the Lord their God - with all of their heart, with all of their soul, with all of their strength and with all their mind. For it is only in this way that they shall continually achieve [by the power of My Spirit] "maximum results" in all that they are called to do.


*       If My children are going to operate continually in the fullness of their inheritance in Christ then they will have to exercise their faith continually with a "pin-point accuracy".


        ...."For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your bond-servants for Jesus' sake. For God, who said, "Light shall shine out of darkness," is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves; we are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.


For we who live are constantly being delivered over to death for Jesus' sake, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. So death works in us, but life in you. But having the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, "I BELIEVED, THEREFORE I SPOKE," we also believe, therefore we also speak, knowing that He who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus and will present us with you. For all things are for your sakes, so that the grace which is spreading to more and more people may cause the giving of thanks to abound to the glory of God".... 2 Corinthians 4:5-15 NASB


        ...."and He [Jesus] died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf".... 2 Corinthians 5:15 NASB


        Paul summed up his entire ministry by stating his life's purpose [concerning all things] in his second letter to the church at Corinth [paraphrased],


        "for the greatest Glory of God - and for His people".


        This must be, as true sons and daughters, our sole motivation towards both God and man. In reality, we really do not have any reason to be in this earth other than to love both God and man with all of our heart - and, in the process, set many captives free from the clutches of the Enemy. The one "burning desire" that every last Christian should have in their heart is to fulfil [with pin-point accuracy] ALL that they were was created for by the Father, in Christ. To enter into Heaven and have Jesus say to us upon our arrival,


        "Well done My good and faithful servant! You have accomplished everything that you were created for [in Me] from before the foundations of the earth!"


        would be the ultimate, "crowning glory" of one's life.


        It is certain that we, as children of the Most High God, are the most blessed [divinely empowered and prospered] people on the planet and, "to whom much is given much is required" [Luke 12:48] - THEREFORE, it is of the utmost importance in this hour for us to simply carry on in a steadfast faith and love - KNOWING that the Father will be faithful to bring all things to pass in our lives according to His highest purpose in any given moment. Again, "pin-point accuracy" on EVERY front [both individually and corporately] is what is required of the Church in this final hour - and, therefore, if we truly desire to see the "fullness" of the Father's purpose accomplished in this hour we must be found abiding in a "revelation" of His Will.


Prayer of Proclamation:


        Father, we thank You and praise You that we, Your faithful ones, are on the "fast track" to the fullness of our precious Kingdom-position and destiny. Therefore, we set ourselves to be found doing and saying ALL things for the greatest eternal benefit of all those You lead across our path - and for Your greatest Glory. And we declare it DONE [on an ongoing basis], in Jesus' Name. Amen.





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22.09 | 15:11

Powerful prayer we need to be declaring and decreeing more today than ever before. Bless you.

28.08 | 06:14

Woman in Peach painting Artist Credit is Pam Herrick!

13.08 | 21:22

GOD is sitting on HIS THRONE
TEARS are streaming down HIS Face
FOR Lack of knowledge MY PEOPLE shall die
HOW come you Believers are so shy?

13.08 | 21:08

The LORD has spoken only when your heart is broken
with pain as deep as an Ocean so that HE can fill it

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