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"If you are on this page of our website it's most likely because you were searching for the words "give up my baby for adoption" or "place my baby for adoption" or something about adoption. I know that right now you may feel confident in your decision to place your baby for adoption or you may be feeling alone, scared, embarrassed or are hurting emotionally. You might also feel you do not have a lot of options or that you don't like the choices that are available to you. "  


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"I want you to know that there is help available. I (Dr. Vince Berger) and my staff (at Adoption Services) want to help you regardless of whether you place your child with us for adoption or not.  If you need help finding financial, medical, emotional and other kinds of assistance to keep your baby, we are here to help.  Just call us and we will assist you in finding the help you need.  On the other hand, if you want or need to place your child for adoption we can assist you too. Either way I want you to know that our highest priority will be to treat you as we would a member of our own family, listen to your questions, provide the answers you need and help you. We are also here to help you for as long as it takes… We never stop caring!"


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Dearly Beloved:


I am an Intercessor. This means that I am a prayer warrior for the Most High God! I not only spend time with the Lord each and every day! I have the honor to pray for "the world." Yes, I pray for the nations of the World. I pray for the people of God. I pray for the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ, and everyone whose name is in the Book of Life. Some days, I weep and lament over what the Lord shows me, and other days I am extremely joyful, soaking in HIs presence. Others, I war on behalf of the Lord. It's not an easy life for me! But it's my calling. 


Anyway, one morning, the Lord asked me an unusual question, "Would you allow me to tear(tare) your heart today?" Quickly, I responded, "sure!" Not knowing that what was to come next would be extremely sorrowful. That week was wonderful and at the time, I didn't know that the Lord was preparing me for what was to come. 


Immediately, I was in a dark room with a light on showing a young girl in her teens on an operating table. A nurse and a doctor were performing some kind of surgery. Blood was everywhere, but the doctor and nurse were unconcerned. In fact, if you looked closer, you would see that they were like in a hurry trying to get the procedure over quickly, rushing and finishing the job. There was no concern for the young girl . . . she looked dead.


In the middle of the procedure, I heard a small scream of terror! I rushed over to see what it was. To my amazement, a small fetus was forced out of her mothers womb in such a barbarian way that the limbs were torn off. The fetus cried out in pain as she slowly passed away. I saw an angel with tears flowing from His eyes scoop up the little child and fly away with her. I felt deep sorrow as I realized what had just happened! 


Back in my room, all I could do was hear the cry of the rejected, aborted child! "Oh God, I cried out!" "NO!" I never thought about what happens during an abortion. I never thought that the child could "feel" the ripping of her body. How stupid was I to not consider the child in any way! "Oh God, please forgive me!" I cried out! "Please put a stop to this wickedness!" "No more!" I lamented and cried out for hours that day.  And the next . . . and the next and the next! I felt stretched and exhausted, as if I could do anything to stop this murder! Yes, beloved . . . it is murder of the innocent ones, who have no say! We never think of the child!


The Lord gathered me in His arms and wept with me! "Why in heavens name would anyone think about doing this to their child?" "The spirit of the child comes down at conception," the Lord spoke to me. "He or she is truly a precious gift!" "Why would anyone want to reject her?" I thought deeply and wept some more. It was time to intercede on behalf of the unborn child . . . the innocent ones.  That was over 10 years ago.


And so Beloved child of God, I'm here interceding on behalf of the unborn child. The child is not a "blob," it's a lie from satan. The child is a created miracle from the Living God of the Universe!


Know this, that each child aborted is like a living sacrifice to the wicked god molech. We live in a world of goodness verses evil. That's the truth! Satan has a very short time left, and he is desperately wanting to take as many with him to the lake of fire as possible. Do not be deceived, God will not be mocked! He will have the last say!  He's giving you a chance to make the right decision for goodness sake beloved child of God! 


New International Version

"'Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD.

New Living Translation

"Do not permit any of your children to be offered as a sacrifice to Molech, for you must not bring shame on the name of your God. I am the LORD.

English Standard Version

You shall not give any of your children to offer them to Molech, and so profane the name of your God: I am the LORD.

New American Standard Bible 

'You shall not give any of your offspring to offer them to Molech, nor shall you profane the name of your God; I am the LORD.

King James Bible

And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.


So you see beloved, it's all a lie, a wicked deception where millions of women and teens are sacrificing their "gifts" from God to a god, whether they are aware of it or not. Whether you are a professed Christian or not, it's all the same and unfortunately, God is a God of justice, for righteousness and justice are the foundations of His throne, and we will all be judged for this henious crime against mankind. We have no authority to take a life for one of the great 10 commandments says, "Thou shalt not kill." 


Further beloved, why do these abortion clinics do this, you may ask? In a nutshell:

1 Timothy 6:10

10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

So out of God's love I ask that you take all the above into serious consideration and choose to Love your child. . . your gift. . .  from God Himself. Surrender your life to the Lord and He will direct your paths. More likely, your husband, or boyfriend or God forbid, your parents have forced you into this predicament. He/they too will be held responsible. You have your own mind, so, I pray that you make the "right" decision. It's a well known fact, that the amount of guilt, pain and suffering you will feel if you make the decision to kill, can destroy your life and your relationship with your husband/boyfriend, no matter what they say. It won't be easy, I know, but adversity can make you stronger if you allow God into your life and He will help you on the right path. Cry out to God for help and listen to Him. He will direct your path beloved child of God.  This burden is too much for you to carry on your own:

Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


Proverbs 14:12 KJV

12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

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Further down the page, read what our Creator, 
the Lord God Almighty, has to say about this

What does the Lord have to say about the MURDER of unborn human beings? 
Read this excerpt from Prophecy 11:

As the murders of innocent babes yet in their mother's wombs are ripped apart so savagely! And you think because this sinful world legalizes it, it is LEGAL with Me?!!! Even your murderers on death row, you try and think of merciful and quick deaths for them. The laws give at least 10 years more in most cases at expense of taxpayers, YOUR tax money! To Lengthen their lives! To invent more merciful ways to KILL those that took lives without ANY MERCY! Yet babies so precious to me, babies I have counted the days till their Birth, put my Spirit in them, caused them to grow strong and healthy in Mothers' wombs, so they will breath at time of birth, and these innocent babes never known wrong are tortured as their unheard screams ECHO IN MY EARS! Those that have done these Abortions and NOT confessed and asked for Forgiveness, and turned away from this sin!

For ALL ETERNITY YOU WILL HEAR THE SCREAMS OF ALL THOSE BABIES! As one of your Punishments you have waiting for you in HELL! Never a break from the CRIES of the MURDERED BABIES, or the SCREAMS! Do you know how a Crying Baby gets on your nerves? Imagine MILLIONS in Your ears for Eternity! REPENT NOW! NURSES, DOCTORS, WOMEN doing these Things for your OWN sake! REPENT! NOW POLITICIANS WHO PASSED THESE LAWS! Supreme Court you're NOT supreme in MY eyes! YOU are NOT above MY laws! GOD ALMIGHTY ALONE is SUPREME! ALMIGHTY YAHUVEH ALONE IS JUDGE! AND JURY! AND EXECUTIONER! JESUS CHRIST came so you could have LIFE and Life more abundantly! REPENT! TURN AWAY! From this SIN for I will hold You accountable!The blood of the unborn is ON your hands! 

Why? Because I have given mankind a Choice! A choice to obey that which is instinct given to every woman and man, to Protect the young! Nurture the young! And yet they are savagely Murdered! WOE IS UNTO THE ONES WHO CALL THIS LEGAL! WOE BE UNTO THE DOCTORS AND NURSES WHO TAKE PART IN THIS MURDER! WOE BE UNTO THE POLITICIANS WHO PASSED THE LAWS OF THESE INNOCENT BABIES BEING SLAUGHTERED! WOE BE UNTO YOU WHO HAVE STAYED SILENT FAR TO LONG! For I hear Their Screams! The babies' souls return to whence they came From Heaven! But their souls are ripped out of this world UNMERCIFULLY! CRUELTY BEYOND WORDS! I allow the souls to leave only to prove MAN'S INHUMANITY TO MAN! Knowing what choice that mother already made. Grieving and giving her every chance to repent! Knowing she won't! Angry because she won't repent! 

* * * * * * *

Each year approximately 4,300 preborn infants are legally put to death under the protection of the Supreme Court's 1973 decision in the case of Roe vs. Wade. About 97 percent of abortions take place for convenience or to avoid embarrassment.

If you are considering an abortion for any reason, please email us at the address below, we want to hear from you! Please consider the consequences of your action, your unborn child is a human being, not just a fetus!



This is NOT just a blob!  Don't do it beloved child of the Most High God! It's not an accident that you are here on this webiste! The Lord Jesus asked that I put up a webpage for this purpose, so that you won't make the biggest mistake of your life precious one! He Loves you and sees the suffering that you are going through in making the "right" decision. Don't listen to the lies of the devil used by those around you! Death chosen by you is murder in a nutshell! It's the truth, not coated with "it's going to be alright!" "You won't feel a thing?" They even use a "motherly" fake nurse to reassure you to bring your child to death!  How deceiving is that? There are many mothers who have made the right decision and God was with them the whole step of the way. You have NO AUTHORITY to Kill! The child is a gift from God . . . what would you do if someone took your gift and tore it up in your face? 
This is a real picture of a uterus from a woman and a child reaching out to the surgeon within the uterus. The surgery was for spina bifida surgery. This surgery was done so that the child could live . . . and she did!

The Dangerous Consequences of the Morning-After Pill


We are told by the media and our culture today that abortion is a woman’s issue and men should stay out of the debate. After all, abortion on demand empowers women, gives them options to navigate a “man’s world,” and allows them to throw off the shackles of an unwanted pregnancy. At least that’s what abortion supporters tell us…

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. As I explain in my book Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women, legalized abortion was first promoted and propagated by men for the purpose of controlling and oppressing women. Women were only pulled into the effort to legalize abortion once men realized it would expedite the process.

Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women

Most people cringe when they hear that truth. But the facts speak for themselves. Abortion was first legalized in an effort to curb population growth, eliminate “substandard” races (known as eugenics), and give men a “get out of jail free card” to use if and when they got a woman pregnant and weren’t prepared for fatherhood. (This is all laid out in the first four chapters of my book.)

Now it’s been 43 years since abortion was legalized in America, and we can clearly see that the intended results have been achieved. Approximately fifty-seven million citizens are missing from our society. According to the latest Abortion Surveillance report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in the 10 states in which the most abortions were performed during 2011, approximately 60 percent of all aborted babies were black or Hispanic. And more than 80 percent of all abortions are coerced, oftentimes by a boyfriend or husband.


A very troubling trend is the latest string of cases in which men forced women to unwittingly take abortion-inducing drugs. Most recently, Jarod Rebuck, a 25-year-old Indiana man, was charged with attempted feticide after secretly mixing abortion-inducing herbs into his pregnant girlfriend’s drink. This story followed on the heels of a similar case in Florida, where John Welden, 29, tricked his girlfriend into taking an abortion pill by telling her it was an antibiotic. An even more extreme case took place in Las Vegas, where a 21-year-old man reportedly provided the weapon and arranged to have his girlfriend shot in the head because she refused to take the morning-after pill.

The fact is, most Americans will never hear the reality of these stories because the media will attempt to sweep such disturbing strides toward “progression” under the rug. And truth be told, recently enacted laws will only enable further acts of violence against pregnant women.

In April 2013, a New York federal judge ruled that a woman of any age should be allowed to purchase the carcinogen-laden Plan B abortion pill without parental consent or other restrictions. Indeed, the morning-after pill, a high-potency birth control pill that can induce a spontaneous abortion at the earliest stages of pregnancy, can be bought in any drugstore right next to the candy and soda aisles.

So what does this law have to do with men and their oppression of women? Virtually everything.

What abortion on demand did for boyfriends and husbands, the unrestricted availability of the morning-after pill now does for sexual predators and abusers, allowing them to walk away from their crimes scot-free.

Just imagine an adult male predator who sexually molests a 14-year-old girl. Without any parental consent or physician’s script, the perpetrator can give the girl enough money to go to her local pharmacy and purchase the morning-after pill, no questions asked.

Think about it: a 14-year-old girl isn’t permitted to take an aspirin at school without parental consent, yet she can take an abortifacient — a pill that kills her unborn child and may cause her physical harm — without anyone’s knowledge.

And what about the man involved? He walks away scot-free to abuse again.

The morning-after pill — and all other forms of abortion — is the ultimate liberator of men. They can continue to have sexual relations with multiple women and avoid all responsibility. They can even prey on minors, and, thanks to the convenience of a pill that’s now as accessible as a candy bar, they can walk away without any legal or moral repercussions.

So while abortion supporters celebrate the fact that girls of any age can purchase the morning-after pill, those of us in the real world understand exactly what’s at stake. Unrestricted access to the morning-after pill only exacerbates the male oppression that abortion on demand put into motion in our nation. In essence, this so-called attempt to “liberate women” from the shackles of pregnancy actually places them into a type of bondage where men call the shots and then walk away from sexual abuse unscathed.

Catharine MacKinnon, an influential feminist scholar, summarized the situation best when she wrote: abortion “does not liberate women; it frees male sexual aggression.”



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